Fix Google Pixel 4XL Battery Drainage

Battery draining is a big problem in Google Pixel 4XL. This is a disturbing problem that is reported by many users.

Google Pixel 4XL fast battery drainage issue: Why does it appear?

The fast battery drainage issue usually occurs because of so many installed applications on the device. Third-party applications, including social media, games, cameras, etc, can cause this issue as most of the third-party applications require an internet connection to work. When working on these applications, you may notice fast drainage of your device’s battery life. There are several methods to solve this problem. The key methods are mentioned below.

How to fix Google Pixel 4XL fast battery drainage issue?

You can fix the issue by uninstalling the applications that drain too much battery.

Method 1: Go to the safe mode

You can take your device to safe mode to understand which application is causing the issue. Below are the steps for that:

First, press and hold the power key

Now, touch and hold power off

You’ll be now able to see an option on your screen that will ask you to permit the safe mode

Tap on ok to confirm

Now, the safe mode will display on the bottom of the screen

Now, you have to monitor your phone in safe mode for at least 2 days

If your phone is working well in safe mode, you have to understand that the problem is a third-party application. In that case, you have to examine which third-party application is causing the issue.

Uninstall that third-party application and restart your device.

Method 2: Battery Consumption Apps

This application helps you understand the cause behind the battery drainage of your phone. Below are the steps for that:

Head to the settings option of your device

Tap on the battery option

Tap on the battery icon and study the applications and their battery consumption

Check which applications are wasting more battery, and you have to remove those applications from your device. You can also apply force stop.

Get out of settings and tap on the application that you need to force stop or uninstall.

Select anyone between force stop and uninstall, and your problem should be solved.

Method 3: Battery Saver mode 

You can try to use your device in battery saver mode.

Go to the settings option of your smartphone

Tap on the battery screen option there

Then, go to the battery screen and tap the menu button

Allow battery saver mode

Method 4: Update the software update 

You can try to update the software of your device. Sometimes, software updates can fix the issue of battery drainage.

Head to the settings option of your phone

Go to the about phone section

Check the update options if there are any

If you have any updates available, install that

Once you are done with your update, you have to reboot your system and check whether the problem is solved or not.

Method 5: Wipe Cache partition

You can also try to wipe out your cache partition to increase your device’s battery life. Below are the steps for that:

Press+ hold the power button to switch off your smartphone

Press and hold the volume up button and the Power key simultaneously until you see your company’s logo on your screen

Release both buttons, and your phone will now be booted in recovery mode

In recovery mode, you will notice an option to wipe cache partition. Use the power key to select that

Once done, you can reboot your phone and get out of the recovery mode and check whether the issue is solved or not.


Google Pixel 4XL fast battery drainage issue should be solved after applying the aforementioned methods. But, if, unfortunately, you are still facing the same issue, it is advised to contact customer care for further assistance.

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