Pixel buds not working

Premium quality wireless earbuds like Pixel provide you with unmatched sound quality and comfort, but due to being an electronic device, it’s not too uncommon for it to cause connectivity issues. Your Pixel buds might cause minor inconveniences. The commonest problem one might face is one of the Pixel buds not working while the other one is.

Now, this can sometimes occur even when both of your Pixel earbuds are properly connected to your device. If you see one of your earbuds is not working, then these are the steps you could follow to make it work.

Ways to fix one of the Pixel buds not working issue:

Look Into the Audio/Video You’re Playing

There are many audios and videos on the internet that stream mono audio. This means that only one of the two earbuds can stream the audio to you, and this is solely because of the content you’re streaming. There’s nothing wrong with the pairing of your earbuds to your device. However, to double-check your earbuds, you could opt for the Dolby Atmos Sound Test, which could tell you exactly if there’s something wrong with your earbuds or if it’s just a video/audio issue.

Checking the Earbuds Individually

To check if one bud is causing pairing issues, slightly tap onto the back of both of your Pixel earbuds. While doing so, play audio and see if each of the buds responds to your touch and is able to play and pause the audio that you’re playing. If not, then follow the next fix.

Looking After Your Pixel Buds

Taking proper care of your Pixel earbuds will ensure their wellbeing and increase their longevity to serve you with profound audio. Your earbuds may fail to connect to your device if the connecting points have a layer of dirt covering them. Dirty earbuds may not be able to sit properly in the case and charge themselves, disabling them from pairing with your device. You might want to first fully but gently clean your charging case and the earbuds with a clean cloth and then try to pair them with your device.

Updating the Software of Your Pixel Buds

Your Pixel Buds have their own individual software, which you should keep updated for your earbuds to provide you with a seamless audio experience. Connect your earbuds to your phone. Then go to the device settings section of your Pixel earbuds through your phone and update its firmware. Once the update is complete, give your earbuds around 30 seconds by switching off your Bluetooth. After 30 seconds, switch it back on, and this time both of your earbuds shall be able to pair and play the audio you intend to stream.

Trying out the Factory Reset Method

When all else fails, here’s an ultimate fix for you to make both of your earbuds work and sync in harmony. Simply factory reset your Pixel buds which is not at all difficult to do. First up, press the button on your charging case for about 30 seconds. You’ll see flickering white lights during the process. Once the lights go out, leave the button. You might see blinking white and orange lights on each of your earbuds for a few seconds before they stop. Once the lights turn white, you know that your factory reset has been successfully completed, and both of your earbuds are ready to pair with your phone properly.

In a nutshell, Pixel earbuds are not that difficult to handle, even if inconveniences arise. We hope these quick fixes help you fix your Pixel buds problem.

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