Huawei P30 Black Screen of Death issue

The Black Screen of Death is an error of the screen which is seen in operating systems that encounter system error, causing the system to shut down. However, there may be instances which may look like your Smartphone shows symptoms of Black Screen of Death, but in reality, the problem lies elsewhere. We have a guide that will help in fixing Huawei P30 Black Screen of Death issue.

Sometimes the issue isn’t actually the Black Screen of Death issue in some cases and it may actually be quite easy to fix it. If there is no proof of your Smartphone having suffered any hardware malfunction, then it is probably a software issue or a faulty app that has caused the phone to blackout. Check for the suggestions below to see if they work and fix your Huawei P30 Black Screen of Death issue.

Fixes for Huawei Black Screen of Death issue

Is Your Phone Broken or Physically Damaged?

The screen of a smartphone is one of the most important parts. A smartphone is of no good without its screen. It displays pictures and videos and performs all the other actions that it has been programmed to do by the developers. A damaged screen will not let you perform any actions or use the phone. Huawei’s P30 has a durable screen and will work just as fine if it drops. However, if the physical impact is bad then it can cause problems.

If your Huawei P30’s screen has turned black after an accidental drop, then there are chances that the hardware has been damaged. Check for cracks on the screen or take it to a professional to have it examined. You can get the phone repaired by them. The Black Death of Screen here is caused because of physical damage to the hardware and will be solved once the screen is changed.

If the phone has not been dropped or there are no instances when it something hard, then you can keep reading this article to learn more about troubleshooting for Black Screen of Death issue.

Has the Battery Been Drained Completely?

At times the reason of your Huawei P30 Black Screen of Death issue could be quite simple, but you tend to have overlooked because we usually assume about bigger problems. If your smartphone’s battery has been drained completely, then it may not come on as you plug it in a power source. You should give it at least 20 to 30 minutes before you try to turn on the phone. Try not to turn on the phone while it is charging this way the battery will get ample time to charge properly.

If the phone still doesn’t turn on, then you move to the next step.

Try to Restart in Safe Mode

Third-party apps may also be the cause of a Black Screen of Death issue in your phone because they tend to interfere with the OS of your smartphone. If the screen of your phone is black, but there are notification sounds that you can hear, or it is still vibrating, then there is probably a faulty app that is causing this issue. Booting your Huawei P30 in safe mode will help you identify the faulty app. Here is how you can proceed:

Turn off the device using the Power key

Hold the Volume Up and Power key for 2 seconds

Recovery Mode will come up on your screen and now you can let go of the keys that you are holding

You will get a which you can navigate using the Volume keys

Select Safe Mode and use the Power key to confirm your choice

Next, confirm if a third-party app is the reason for Black Screen of Death issue. This will not tell you which app is the faulty one. You will have to figure it out yourself. For this, you will have to uninstall each app one at a time. After uninstalling one app restart your phone to check if the problem has been solved. You should begin by uninstalling the apps that you have recently downloaded.

Keep repeating the process until you have located and uninstalled the faulty app.

Master Reset

Huawei P30 Black Screen of Death issue

If nothing seems to work and the Black Screen of Death issue continues to haunt your phone, then you need to perform a master reset. A master reset not only helps in addressing software problems but also helps in boosting the performance of the phone. Remember that since the screen of your phone is black, you will be unable to take any data backup. Without any backup, the memory of the phone will be wiped clean and all the settings will be restored to its original settings. Basically, your phone becomes completely new as it was when you unboxed it.

Turn off your mobile using the Power key

Hold the Volume Down and Power button for 15 seconds

You will get the Fastboot Mode on the screen

Use the Volume buttons to navigate to the Recovery mode and use the Power button to confirm your selection

Next click on Wipe data using the Volume button for navigation and Power button to select the action

You will get Google Verification information to confirm the operation. Select “wipe data/factory reset”

Next select Reboot the System to hard set your Huawei P30


A hard reset will have removed your Huawei P30 Black Screen of Death issue. If you are still facing problems after having followed all the steps mentioned above, then the only way to address the problem is to visit Huawei service center and get proper technical help.



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