Huawei P20 Battery Draining Issue

The latest flagship of Huawei P20 is definitely a stunner with some exclusive specs. With a battery of 4,000 mAh, the phone is undoubtedly blessed with an enormous battery back-up. So, it would basically fuel your phone for a full day, those using is sparing may find themselves not using the charger for the second day too. However, some users have been complaining about Huawei P20 battery drain issues in the Android Central and XDA Developers forums. Here are some ways in which you can possibly fix this issue of your Huawei P20:

Fixes for Huawei P20 Battery Draining Issue

  1. Switch to Power Saving Mode

One of the best ways is to switch to Power Saving Mode so you can save your phone’s energy.

  • Go to Settings > Battery > Power Saving Mode – slide it ON / Ultra Power Saving Mode – slide it ON

Huawei P20 Battery Draining Issue

  1. Reduce Screen Brightness

The bright colors of the screen also use a lot of battery and probably making them a bit dark can help you increase Huawei P20 battery life.

  • Go to Settings > Battery > Darken Interface Colours – slide in ON
  1. Keep the Time Out to the minimum

When you are not seeing your phone you don’t need to keep it on yes? This action also needs a battery and by keeping the Time Out to the minimum you can bring a difference in the battery life of your phone.

  • Go to Settings > Display > Sleep – select the duration which is between 15 seconds and 10 minutes. Although 15 seconds is an ideal choice but you can go ahead and keep it for 30 seconds which is a moderate choice.
  1. Turn off the Always Display Information

Turn off the Always Display Information if your Huawei P20 issues with battery drain are causing much trouble. This adds to the battery life of your smartphone.

  • Go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock & Passwords > Always Display Information – slide it ON.
  1. Factory Reset

One of the best ways to solve battery drain issues and increase the Huawei P20 battery life is to perform a Factory Reset of your phone. Doing this will enhance the performance of your phone and also address the battery drain issue along with any other minute problems that you have been facing with your phone. Sometimes a specific setting or an app causes such problems and a Factory Reset fixes such issues. Always take a back-up of the data present on your phone so you don’t have to worry about losing anything. You will be prompted for your password before the device performs a Factory Reset on your phone.

  • Go to Settings > System > Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Phone > Reset

Once done you can set your phone just like you did when it was new. Use these tips to solve the Huawei P20 battery drain problem.


  1. You might try turning off location services as well, if you can live without them. At least on my phone they drain my battery like crazy, which isn’t too surprising – keeping constant track of your geographic location must be tough!

    • I share the same view point, if am not utilizing location services why have it on? I find my device saving a lot of battery power cause i care not for this location tracking unless am utilizing it for some service, function or feature of some sort.


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