Huawei P20 Random Reboots

Huawei P20 is a very impressive phone that is packed with several exciting features. The excellent design along with high-quality performance and the long-lasting battery will definitely win everyone’s heart. But, as it is an electronic gadget, so is prone to issues. Huawei P20 Random reboots is one of the very common issues about which many of the users have complained so far.

However, this is not a hardware issue rather it’s a very small software glitch. So, you can fix it hassle free by following the below steps. All the possible fixes for Huawei P20 Random reboots are listed down here.


Wipe cache partition:

Wiping cache partition is one of the ways to resolve the Random reboot issues with Huawei P20. The process to wipe cache partition is explained here.

First press down the power key and then select the Power off the option to entirely switch off the phone. Now, press down the power and Volume up keys altogether for few seconds. Release the power key as you see the Huawei logo on the screen. Next, wait for a few seconds and you will notice the EMUI screen. Release the Volume up key also then. Use the Volume button to show up the wipe cache partition option and then select it using the Power key. Once done, you can then go for rebooting the system.

This process is very simple. So, try to perform it and then check if the stated Huawei P20 problems are fixed or not.

Factory reset:

In case you have performed the Wipe cache partition and still left with the same issue, then a simple factory reset can come to your rescue. First, create a backup of all the documents and files and then go to settings >System >Reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone and finally reset the phone. It will take some time depending upon the amount of data you have.

You need to reset the phone from scratch. The suggestion here is not to back up the device. But install all the apps one by one and try avoiding the download of too many apps. It will do nothing but will slow down the phone.

Huawei P20 Random Reboots

Contact the carrier:

Finally, you need to contact the Huawei service center. You can contact either with the carrier or with the retailer.

So, these are the ways to fix the random reboot issue on your Huawei P20. Do not think the Huawei P20 as a defective piece. Rather its a very impressive phone packed with high-end features.


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