iPhone screen won’t rotate

Screen rotation is a part of the display settings on the iPhone. When the feature is on, users can view the apps in landscape mode. It gives a full and better view of the videos or text that the user is viewing. But at times, iPhone users tend to face issues with the screen rotation even after they have changed the orientation. If your iPhone screen won’t rotate, then here is what you need to do.

Check if you have activated the screen rotation correctly

  • Access the Control Center by swiping the bottom of any screen of your iPhone
  • Tap on the Portrait Orientation icon to enable the screen rotation orientation
  • When the icon is highlighted in red, the screen will rotate whenever you hold it in the landscape mode and you will be able to watch videos or pictures in a bigger screen.
  • The Control Center screen may be different depending on the device model or the iOS version that the user is currently using.

How to fix screen rotation issues

If you find that your iPhone screen won’t rotate even after you have turned off the Portrait Mode Orientation, then here is what you need to do.

Check if the app supports landscape/portrait mode

Before you can proceed with any solutions, you need to check if the app that you are using supports landscape mode or not. There are some apps that may not support landscape mode which might be the reason why the screen is not supporting. You can try using a different app that supports landscape mode. This might also be applicable for portrait mode, some apps such as Netflix support landscape mode only and you cannot see anything in portrait mode.

Turn off the portrait orientation lock

iPhone screen won’t rotate

Turn off the Portrait Orientation Lock wait for 10 seconds before you can turn it on. Now check if the problem has been solved and the screen is rotation is working or not. Follow the steps mentioned above to manage the Portrait Orientation Mode.

Restart iPhone

If you still find the rotation not to be working as it usually does, then try restarting your phone. Restarting your phone fixes several minor glitches, including this one.

Check zoom settings for plus model iPhones

All plus-sized iPhones such as iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and so offer a unique feature. Unlike the other iPhones (that are not Plus models) the screen rotation feature works on their Home Screen also. So, if you have a Plus model iPhone and the Home Screen for you isn’t rotating, then check the Display Zoom.

  • Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Display Zoom > View

If the Display Zoom is set to Zoomed, then toggle it to Standard. Now exit this screen and check whether the screen rotation is working for the Home Screen.

Check for any pending updates

If you have any pending updates for the apps, then you need to update them. When an app is not updated with the latest updates then your iPhone will not be able to execute all its functions properly.

  • On your Home Screen > App Store > Updates > Apps with pending updates > Update or Update all

Once the apps are updated, clear all the apps running in the background and then start using them from fresh. Check if the issue has been resolved.

Reset all settings

If nothing seems to work at all then the last resort to fixing the problem is that you Reset All Settings.

  • Go to Settings > General > Reset

There are five different types of Reset you will find as options. You need to select Reset All Settings. This option resets all Settings of your phone, including display settings, keyboard, home screen and more. No data or media are deleted in this option.

If the last solution also doesn’t work for you, then you must get in touch with Apple. Visit an Apple Store or send an email writing to them about your problem to get an answer. You must not visit any local smartphone repair shop as they could tamper with the software of Apple.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.



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