LG G7 camera issues

Underneath we’ll get into a portion of the arrangements on How To Fix LG G7 Camera Lag Issue.


Some discussion forums have LG G7 users reporting about facing issues of the slow camera with their smartphone. The time taken to click the picture after pressing the shutter button is longer than it actually is. For others, the picture clicked took long to be saved in the gallery. Here are some easy tricks on how you could solve the LG G7 camera issues of your phone.

Methods To Fix LG G7 Camera Lag Issue

Change the Shutter Speed

Go to the camera app on your phone and click on Mode > Manual Camera. There are many settings listed under this option. You will find Shutter Speed option listed. You have different options you can select one:

  • 1/500 sec offers fast shutter speed
  • 1/30 sec offers medium shutter speed

Turn Off the HDR

LG G7 camera issues

HDR or High Dynamic Range images are always clear and crisp. For some, the camera lag was gone when they turned off the HDR option.

Go to the camera app and open Settings on it. Turn of the HDR option listed here. You may have to compromise with the quality in this solution but the LG G7 slow camera problem is usually solved.


The problem in Low Light Conditions

It is observed that the slow camera problems mostly happened while clicking pictures in low light conditions and indoors. However, the camera worked fine in well-lit areas or outdoors. This is not an issue which can be solved it is just how the camera of LG G7 works and the same may be for several other phones too.


MicroSD Card is Problematic

Those who are facing issues when their pictures are being saved in the gallery should try removing the microSD card and then check if the problem still persists.

If nothing seems to work and you find the LG G7 camera issues to be getting worse then you should contact an LG service center.


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