LG K7 Problem

One of the LG K7 problems that several users have been facing is that their smartphones don’t seem to turn on after they installed an update on their phone. If you also seem to have run into a problem such as this then here is how you can fix this problem.

Possible fixes for LG K7 turning on Problem

Solution 1

LG K7 Problem

You can try performing a hard reset on the phone to try and see if it turns on. Here are the steps:

  • Press and hold the LG K7 Power button and Volume Down button till you see the LG logo on the screen of your LG K7
  • Continue to hold the Volume Down button and on seeing the LG logo release the Power button just for a second and press it again
  • Soon you will see the Factory Reset screen. You can now let go of the Power and Volume Down buttons
  • You will get an option saying – Erase all data and restore default settings. Use the Volume Down button to highlight the Yes option and use the Power button to confirm the selection. Repeat the action again if asked by the device.
  • The phone will erase all the contents and reboot to the original set up screen

Solution 2

If your LG K7 continues to remain blacked out and doesn’t turn on, then there may be a more serious problem. Try not to fix things yourself instead take it to your retailer or the nearest LG authorized smartphone workshop to get it checked. They will probably send the phone for exchange if required.

Follow the above steps to check if the problem is solved else get it check through an LG professional.


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