Magisk Process Error Installation Failed

When it comes to management and administration, no application is better than Magisk. Nowadays, users complain that after new Android updates, users face Magisk Process Error Installation Failed. This issue is preventing users from working with this application. This issue is happening because of any material-related issue. However, in this article, we’ll discuss how you can solve this issue and work on Magisk without any obstacles.

How to Fix Magisk Process Error Installation Failed?

The name indicates that the problem was something during the flashing process. It may be caused by a corrupted file that you have downloaded, or probably that file is not compatible with the application. It can also happen if you haven’t given storage access to the file manager app.

Let’s go through the most common and beneficial troubleshooting methods to solve this issue.

Method 1: Redownload Zip File

The most prevalent cause behind this error is an incompatible or corrupted file. The file can get corrupted if you have downloaded it with slow internet. To make sure that a corrupted file does not cause the problem, you have to download the file from the official source all again.

Method 2: Check Zip Format

Magisk is not compatible with all the file formats, but it is only compatible with ZIP or IMG format files. If you try to use any other file format, that can cause installation errors. If you have downloaded the 7z or RAR format from the internet, you have to extract these files to get the ZIP or IMG formats of those files that are compatible with the application. If the file format doesn’t match with the application, it will cause this error, and you wouldn’t able to work with the application

Method 3: Check App Storage Permissions

If the file manager app you use within Magisk does not have storage permission, you will encounter this error. Even if the file is not corrupted and completely compatible with the application, you will still have this error if the file manager doesn’t have the permissions. When the application starts the installation process, it will not be able to find the file.

The file gets stored in the file manager, and if that application doesn’t have permission, the file wouldn’t be stored, and Magisk will not be able to complete the installation process.

To make sure that it isn’t the problem, you have to check whether the file manager has the storage permission or not. As EX File Explorer is the most popular option of file managers used for this purpose, there are a few steps to enable the permission:

Open the file manager or download it from Google Play Store

Once the download process is done, it will ask you for permissions. Grant all the permissions, including storage permission.

When you install Magisk, it will ask you for flashable zip file access. Here, you have to select ES file explorer

It should not show any error after that

Method 4: Check File Permissions

You have to ensure that your file has read, write, and other executable permissions. Without these permissions, you will not be able to flash the file using Magisk. It is easy to check or else change the file permissions with ES file explorer.

You have to find the file location and choose it to change permission from the file option.

Now, tick all the checkboxes for read, write, and executable permissions.

Method 5: Read the error log

If you have tried the methods explained here, the issue should be solved by now. But if it is not, you have to know why exactly you have the installation error, and to know that, you have to check the error log from Magisk.

If you can see the error log that indicates that this issue is occurring due to permission denied, you have to grant the required permission to the file or app. Similarly, you will be able to know what is the exact problem from the error log.

Ending words

If, even after applying all after methods mentioned above, the issue is still not solved, you can try to contact the customer care executive for father assistance.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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