Auto switch between Wifi and mobile data

Auto switch between Wifi and mobile data is an excellent feature in the Galaxy devices that is designed to offer an uninterrupted internet experience. Samsung has equipped the Wifi with a great technology that automatically turns on mobile data when the Wi-Fi is off or not working. But many users have already complained that this feature is not working on their Galaxy S10 devices. There are several reasons for this issue. All the reasons along with their solutions are discussed here.

This is a small glitch that can be resolved easily by following the below steps.

Ways to fix automatically switch between wifi and mobile data android not working:

Method 1: Check the settings

The first step is to head towards the settings section and check for the Wi-Fi. Go to Settings >Connections >Wi-Fi> Advanced. Now, check if the switch to turn on mobile data automatically is turned on or off. Ensure this switch is turned on.


Method 2: Check the network

Auto switch between Wifi and mobile data

If the setting is already fine, the next step is to check the network connection. In order for the mobile data to work, it requires a network connection. And in case you are going through the network issue in your mobile, this auto switch between Wi-fi and mobile data will not work at all. So, what you need to do is check with the carrier and ask if there is any network issue going on. Also, you can reset the SIM card once. In case the SIM card is not placed properly, it will create a network related issue.


Method 3: Soft reset

The next suggestion is to go for a soft reset. Some minor glitches can give birth to such network and other issues. So, perform a soft reset to see if that can resolve the issue for you. To do so, press and hold down the Power and Volume Down button for 10 seconds. Release all the buttons once the phone is restarted. This simple trick can resolve thousands of issues at once.


Method 4: Check the signal

In case your phone has the network, but the signal is really very poor, the mobile data will not work. There are some areas where the signal remains very poor and the mobile data fails to work.


Method 5: Reset the Network settings

If you have tried all the above tricks but the auto switch between Wi-fi and mobile data not working issue still exists, you can try out this method once. To reset the network settings, follow the steps here.

First, open the app tray and tap on General Management

Next, go to Reset> Reset Network settings

Tap on Reset settings. You need to enter the PIN in case you have one.

Tap on Reset settings once more and you will receive a confirmation message upon completion of the process.


Method 6: check for culprit apps

Some rough apps too can be the cause of such issue. To check this, you need to bring the phone in safe mode. This mode stops all the apps. So, if the phone performs ok in safe mode, this is definitely a culprit app to create such an issue. In that case, you need to delete the culprit app by identifying it.

First long press the power button till the power off window appears on the screen.

Now, again press on the Power off option for few seconds till you notice the safe mode option.

Select that option. This process will take a few seconds. And you will finally notice safe mode in the phone once it is rebooted completely.


Method 6: Wipe cache partition

If the automatically switch between wifi and mobile data on your Android phone is still not working on your Galaxy S10, the last option is to wipe the cache partition. This will probably fix the issue for you. Here is how to do that.

First, turn off the phone completely.

Now, press and hold down the Power and Volume Up button together for atleast 10 seconds

Release all the buttons as you see the Honor buttons

Now, you will notice the recovery mode option.

Highlight the Wipe Cache partition option by using the Volume Down button and confirm the process by the Power button.

So, these are the techniques which will definitely fix up the mobile data not automatically connecting when Wi-Fi is off. Try all the above tricks one by one and you will be able to fix up the issue by your own.


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