Fix Moisture Detected Error on Samsung Note

Samsung Note 20 / 20 Ultra has been reviewed as one of the best Selling Phones this year, and users are quite satisfied with its experience. But recently, users have been complaining about an error they are receiving called “moisture detected  error in the USB port”. This can be easily sorted out by following some simple steps. This is basically an alert provided to the users, so the phone doesn’t get damaged. Every Samsung phone comes with an IP68 rating, so the moisture detection sensor on such devices actually safeguards the phone from getting damaged against short-circuiting.

You can manually opt to stop this by disabling the moisture detection feature from your phone, but it is advised not to do so since this protects the phone from getting damaged by moisture. This is a new feature to help the users for longer use of the same.

Some of the alerts that pop in the phone are mentioned below:-

The mechanism on such phones is set up in such a way that you are not only given an alert for the error but are also advised what action needs to be taken.

Disconnect Cable- Once you get this error message, immediately remove the phone cable and carefully check that both cable and phone are dry and moisture-free. Do not do any such thing in wet hands.

Unplug the charger – When such a message displays on your phone, immediately unplug the charger and wait till both the charger and phone are completely dry and safe to use. This has come up because moisture has been detected in your phone. As long as the moisture remains in your phone, you will see a sign of a drop of water in the right corner of your device at the status bar and a notification from the Android System.

Now many people ask whether this is actually an error or something else. So we already know the toxic relationship between water and electricity. So Samsung has come up with this feature where moisture detection is not an error but a safety measure for protecting your Samsung phone from any kind of damage through electricity and water. It automatically stops the phone from getting charged when it detects any wetness in the port.

Steps to Fix Moisture Detected Error on Samsung Note 20/20 Ultra

If the charging point or USB cable is wet or humid, it might cause a short-circuit and damage the phone or become totally unfunctional. Following some simple steps would help you in fixing such issues:-

Clean your phone using a soft dry cloth, keep shaking it, keep the charging port downward, and then keep it under open air to let the moisture evaporate and dry.

To wipe the moisture inside a USB port, take a plastic or rubber toothpick and gently move it inside, covering it with tissue paper or a thin cotton cloth.

You can also take the help of an alcohol swab by inserting it inside the charging port and moving it around for some time, and then leaving it to dry.

If you have a hairdryer, you can use it to blow the hot air inside the USB port for a couple of minutes at a slow speed.

Rice Grains absorb relative humidity. So once you face such an issue, put your phone in a bag of dry rice, leave it for an hour and let the rice grains absorb all the moisture from your phone.

Silica Gel is also a good absorbent of moisture, so this can also be used to suck the moisture from your device.

Tweezers can also be of good help. Get a  set of tweezers and carefully rub the plastic that is connected to the charger so that any corrosion or dust particle that is blocking the device from getting charged can be easily removed.

Hope this will help fix all issues from your device but still, if you are facing any issues, it’s better to visit your nearby Samsung service center and get your phone checked thoroughly. There might be some hardware-related issues, so the service center is your last resort in such a case.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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