Pixel 6 Pro Proximity Sensor Issue

Google always offers devices that have unique functionalities and best-in-class features. But, like every other thing, these best-in-class phones also come with some issues, such as phone bugs. In both software and hardware, these issues can be found. Google Pixel 6 Pro Proximity Sensor issue is a very common hardware issue. Though it is quite a major issue, Google has not clarified it yet. Software patch updates can’t solve it as it is an issue with the hardware.

What is the proximity sensor issue? 

The proximity sensor turns off the phone display during calls to avoid mess-ups. In this issue, the phone display does not turn off, and it can cause problems during phone calls such as phone cuts, putting on hold, etc. When your phone comes closer to your skin during a call, you may face disturbances and other issues if the proximity sensor doesn’t work properly. It also helps to reduce battery drain. The display turns on when someone manually presses the power key. The proximity sensor is the hardware of Pixel, and the issue is related to that. When the display doesn’t turn off, it often irritates the users as touch mistakes can happen because of this issue. Some people also have reported that the Pixel 6 pro display doesn’t wake up in the middle of a call, and they have to do it manually.

Many people are asking for help on the Pixel official help forum. They want it to be fixed as soon as possible. It is quite unexpected from a premium quality phone that not only has some best-in-class configurations but is also quite expensive. Hope Google will find something to eliminate this issue soon. We are unaware of the exact reason behind it as Google hasn’t given any clarification till now. If you too are facing it, this article is for you as in this, we will discuss the methods to troubleshoot this issue.

There is no actual solution to this issue right now, but there are some possible ways-outs from this issue that you can use. Many users have reported that they have succeeded in solving the issue using these methods. You can also wait for words from Google authority, but it probably will take a long time and if you are not willing to wait any further, try these methods mentioned below.

Ways to Fix Pixel 6 Pro Proximity Sensor Issue

Method 1: Clear the cache of the phone app

Many people have succeeded in solving this issue by clearing the cache of their phone apps. Follow the instructions to do it:

Go to the device “Settings” menu

Tap on “Apps”

Now, tap on the “Phone”

Go to the “Storage”.

Tap on ” Clear Cache”

Check out if the proximity sensor issue is solved.

Method 2: Check the physique of the screen

Make sure your screen is not damaged. It is advisable not to use a local screen protector. If you are using a phone with a damaged screen, it is a chance that your proximity sensor is also damaged. Go to the store to fix it. Do not use gloves while touching the screen. Make sure your phone’s screen surface is clean enough so that the proximity sensor can work.

Method 3: Restart your Phone

Sometimes, rebooting the device can solve the problem. You should try it once if you haven’t tried it before, as restarting can clear temporary glitches.

Method 4: Uninstall Conflicting App

Suppose you have this problem after installing an update or any third-party app. In that case, it can be the reason as the particular program can conflict with your device’s proximity sensor. Make sure to uninstall that and then check whether the problem still exists.

Method 5: Uninstall and Update the Phone app

Try to uninstall the phone applications and update them again using the Google play store. The phone app version sometimes can cause issues to the device.  Follow the mentioned process for that:

Launch Google Play Store on your phone

Tap on the search bar to type Phone

Search for it.

Tap on Phone from the search result

Tap on Uninstall

Wait for the Phone app to get deleted.

You have to reinstall the Phone app or select Update to install the latest version.

Hope these processes can help you fix the proximity issue on your Google Pixel 6 Pro.

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