Fix Pixel Buds Not Connecting to Pixel

If music is your first love, then Pixel Buds is an electronic accessory that’s a must-have for you. Pixel Buds are premium quality wireless earbuds that ensure a snug and comfortable fit, providing a seamless hearing experience. These high-end earbuds don’t take much time to indulge you in whatever it’s playing. They go perfectly with the Pixel series, be it Pixel 6, 5, or any other Pixel device. Moreover, these earbuds can also be paired with non-Pixel devices, so there’s no reason for those who do not own a Pixel smartphone. However, like all other electronic devices, earphones as luxurious as Pixel Buds can also cause some connectivity issues. But there’s nothing to worry about, as we’re here to help you deal with every possible problem that is likely to arise with your Pixel Buds. And, here are all the possible ways to fix Pixel buds not connecting to Pixel devices issue. So, have a read.

Fixes for Pixel buds not connecting to Pixel devices issue:

Rebooting the Charging Case

The charging case of your premium earbuds might sometimes be the main troublemaker. Pairing issues may arise when it fails to detect the Pixel earbuds. Your charging case may cause issues due to the charging pin being dirty, eventually inserting the dirt into the case along with it. Hence, keeping your device clean is a must. Plus, rebooting the charging case would require you to first take out the earbuds and press the button on the case for around 40 seconds. Initially, you will see white lights flickering in your case, and they may slowly fade away within the first 7 seconds, but you’re still supposed to press the button. At the end of this 40-second timespan, the white light on the left side of the charging case is likely to flicker around seven times, signaling you that the charging case has been rebooted. Afterward, you should be able to pair your earbuds with your Pixel or any other device.

Properly Charging the Pixel Earbuds

With an inadequate amount of charge, the Pixel earbuds cannot be expected to show their full potential in providing you with a seamless and premium hearing experience. Hence, make sure your Pixel earbuds have at least 50% charge before pairing them to your desired Pixel or non-Pixel devices.

Reboot Your Pixel Smartphone

Previously we’ve talked about rebooting the charging case of your Pixel earbuds. But now, it’s about time that you reboot your Google Pixel smartphone instead. Now, we all know that wireless earbuds such as Pixel rely on your Bluetooth connection. And if this connection is disrupted, then pairing issues will occur.

Common file-sharing, payment, or even the maps application sometimes ask you to permit them to enable your Bluetooth. Upon doing so, these applications gain control of your Bluetooth connectivity and might often restrict or block it. This, in turn, would result in your Bluetooth not working properly and being unable to connect to your Pixel earbuds. The way out of this problem is to simply reboot your Pixel series or any other smartphone that you’re using.

Properly Pairing Pixel Buds to Phone

Although it’s a one-time step, properly pairing your earbuds is the most important out of all the fixes we’ve mentioned till now. To do so, first, unlock your phone and turn on your Bluetooth and location. While your phone remains unlocked, press the button at the back of your Pixel earbuds case. Hold onto the button until white LEDs appear. Afterward, your phone is going to receive a pairing notification. Click on it and follow the steps to properly pair your Pixel earbuds to your phone. After, you should be able to connect them without any issues.

Updating Your Phone’s Software

Keeping your Pixel or any other smartphone system software up to date ensures the digital wellbeing of your device. If your earbuds are still have the same issue, make sure your phone’s firmware is up to date so that your Bluetooth connectivity is enhanced and well-suited to pair your Pixel earbuds with your phone.

Updating Pixel Buds Software

Just like your smartphone, your Pixel earbuds have individual software. To update it, first, pair your earbuds to your device and then go to the device details section of your earbuds on your phone. Right at the bottom of your screen, you’ll see the option of ‘More Settings’. Click on it and then click on a firmware update to keep your Pixel earbuds software up to date, preventing it from causing connectivity issues.

Scrutinizing Your Pixel Earbuds

If all of the aforementioned fixes come of no use to you, then there’s a possibility of you having damaged earbuds. They might’ve gone bad due to coming in contact with water, damaged hardware, or any sort of mishandling of the earbuds. Therefore, it’s time to get a new one and say goodbye to your old pal.

Pixel earbuds are a high-end pair of wireless earbuds that are not supposed to go bad until and unless you use them a little too roughly or don’t take proper care of them. But if you have issues regarding connecting them, your earbuds are probably just fine, and the fixes mentioned by us can help you pair them to your device with zero hassle.

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