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Underneath we’ll get into a portion of the arrangements on How To Fix / Remove “Viewing as: Yourself / Public” Banner Facebook Mobile App.


                Presumably we are not sure if this is a bug or new feature predominant in some of the latest updates available for Facebook (Mobile App). Some users however, have made complaints about a banner going across their app screen whist on their profile page, utilizing the Facebook app on their smartphone. The banner depicts “Viewing As:Yourself” or you can alternate to “Viewing As:Public” to see how both conditions would appear to individuals, both you the profile owner and the public. As the user scrolls further down his/her user profile page the banner still remains there. One further user went ahead to say “It’s like unto a crack in her windshield”. We have safely assumed it is tied to specific Facebook update versions and one such being Facebook (We detected). The devices we have also seen this on are the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, regardless we presume it be connected to a software update and not a hardware bug.

Luckily, whether it be a bug or not, there are a few means to remove it or go back to how it previously was before (without the “Viewing As:Yourself”) banner at the top of your Facebook profile page. Please do at your own risk! GetTechMedia takes no liability for damage done. Please follow these steps precisely and you shouldn’t encounter any form of error…

  • Firstly recall a time when your profile didn’t have this banner at the top of your profile page and record/write that date down so you will remember. Then record down the current version of your Facebook app. So if anything happens that you do not like, you can revert to your current working update by downloading / updating back again from either the play store the website. We will further explain below.


  • You can check the version of the FB App your using by going into settings of your Facebook app,  Then app settings and then click on about. You can also take a screenshot here if you feel so pleased.

  • Log out of the FB App and remove your account (it is not mandatory you do this). Then you can go to the general app settings of your device and force stop Facebook, which will cause it to stop running.



  • After forcing it to stop run, you can then go ahead and click uninstall updates which will return Facebook to its factory state. You will be prompted to give the go ahead for this.


  • After all of this your next step will be to go to this website here: . This website here contains a repository of apk files which are officially signed by the developers themselves (Trusted) and also has encrypted hashing (RSA and SHA). Search for “Facebook”. A list of apk file results will be generated relating to the search query Facebook.



  • Now have a look back at that current Facebook version you had down and try to search for an earlier version preceding it or if you had track of your Facebook update versions, find the last one that had no Viewing as:Yourself banner at the top of your profile page before the one you currently have installed on your device. PLEASE NOTE: Facebook app updates will display required phone specs for these updates so please ensure you find the one that matches what your device can handle. For example, we had Facebook Update version which was released on May 10/11, 2018. We had this issue and we found a Facebook update dating back to May 1, 2018 ( which supported our phone’s architecture which basically means it can be installed and operate functionally. Please check more info about Phone specs below in the images:
    How To Fix / Remove "Viewing as: Yourself / Public" Banner Facebook Mobile App To Fix / Remove "Viewing as: Yourself / Public" Banner Facebook Mobile App
  • You can also check your device hardware specs by downloading Droid Hardware INFO as suggested by the apk mirror website on your smartphone device and deploying it if your not sure about your phone specs.


  • After locating the desired apk and the file has been downloaded you can then go ahead and install this. If it prompts you about third party installations, you can select yes and “just for this installation” only if you so desire and overwrite any update changes made to your FB app.


  • You can now go ahead and sign back into the FB app and check to see if this update has worked by going to your profile page. If so then you might want turn off automatic updates by going to settings in FB app, app settings, updates and disable automatic updates. Afterwards head over to the play store and disable auto-updates for Facebook as if not change or altered, will download the latest version again and might go back to the same error you were having. Bear in mind you can update anytime you like. Facebook might even also update or change this feature.


  • This method can also be used to resolve common software bugs being experienced by users of the Facebook App by reverting to previous versions.


Your problem should be resolved if these steps are followed properly.



Written By: Akiedo

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