Fix Sahara Fail error in QFIL

What is QFIL?

QFIL is a flashing tool that is specifically designed for smartphones having Qualcomm processors. It is a great tool that can be used to flash firmware files. However, it would be best if you operate it with care. Using this tool without adequate knowledge can brick your device and cause several errors. One of the common and obvious errors that users face nowadays is the Sahara Fail error on QFIL software.

The context of this error can be different for everyone depending upon the software version of QFIL. Some of the common prefixes of error messages are Sahara Fail, Process fails error, Download Fail, and QSaharaServer Fail. This issue is common with most users, and there are several possible reasons behind this serious trouble. If you are using QFIL and facing the same error, this guide will help you fix the problem regarding QFIL flashing software.

Please take a look at these basic troubleshooting steps, and they can help you fix Sahara Fail error in QFIL.

Steps To Fix Sahara Fail Error In QFIL:

Step 1: Update QFIL Version

Possibly you are facing this error because you are using an old version of QFIL. However, this tool is still in the beta version, and it has many bugs. The developers are working on the tool and offer frequent updates. This could be one of the reasons to face the error.

If you are making use of the older version of QFIL flash with your latest Qualcomm smartphone, you will definitely encounter the Sahara Fail error. Therefore, the best approach to avoid any errors is to ensure that you have the latest version of this tool.

Step 2: Using Substandard USB Cable

You can face this error if you use a damaged or a substandard USB cable to flash firmware files to your processor. It is important to avoid cheap or damaged cables to avoid any error during the flashing process. However, using a substandard cable can damage your device, or you will encounter Sahara Fail Error in QFIL. Therefore, it is suggested to ensure that you are using a good-quality USB transfer cable.

Step 3: Incompatible Programmer File

Every firmware bundle has a unique set of programmer files that can be used with various tools. Every tool comes with a different set of instructions to flash programmer files. The most common tools used for flashing are Img flasher, SP flash tool, and QFIL. Each of these tools has a different approach to flash programmer files. Therefore, you need to ensure that you choose the compatible programmer file according to the tool that you are using.

Programmer files that are compatible with the QFIL tool often have Qualcomm or QFIL in their name.

Step 4: Choosing a File Path

When you are flashing firmware files, you should pay proper attention to the file path. In case you didn’t mention the file path correctly, the flashing process will misbehave. You can encounter Sahara Fail Error if you have provided the wrong file path. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a correct file path to avoid any error.

Step 5: Correct Firmware Files

Flashing your smartphone is a serious job, and you need to be extra careful and attentive to flash your device properly. It is always important to find and download the correct firmware files to avoid any problem while flashing your device.

If you have downloaded files from the internet that are corrupt or have integrity issues, you may encounter various QFIL errors while flashing.

You need to ensure that you have downloaded firmware files for your Qualcomm from official sources of QFIL. One of the important things is to double-check the “checksum” of the files before flashing your device.

Step 6: Entering EDL Too Early

It would be best if you were careful before putting your device in EDL mode. You can face Sahara error if you enter or leave your device in EDL for the tool long before the flashing process even started. This error occurs due to timeout. Entering the EDL mode should be the last thing on your to-do list before initiating the flashing process.

Step 7: Correct Qualcomm Driver

As told earlier, the QFIL tool is specially developed for Qualcomm processors only. Therefore, you should ensure that you are downloading the correct driver for your device. If you install the corrupt or wrong drivers, then you will encounter failed flashing errors.

Step 8: Disabling Driver Signature Enforcement

While using Windows OS, you will face driver signature enforcement, a special feature that helps to prohibit users from installing any third-party software from unknown sources. However, this feature is important to protect users against virus or malware attacks. But QFIL tool needs to install all the drivers on your computer. If you are using Windows 10, you can disable driver signature enforcement in this way:

Open command prompt using Administrator mode.

Enter these commands and press ENTER

bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DDISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON

After running this command, you need to restart your PC and then open the QFIL tool normally. It will fix Sahara Fail error in QFIL.


QFIL is only a flashing tool, and it can cause Sahara error or other types of error if you don’t use this tool with care. It is suggested to use good quality USB cable and the right firmware tools to flash properly. Using the right cable and suitable files or drivers will help you avoid Sahara Fail Error in QFIL. If you have any confusion or questions regarding the QFIL tool, drop your comment.

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