How To Fix Showbox ‘Cannot Play Video’ And ‘Server Not Available’ On Android

The Showbox is a well-known app for movie streaming apps and is easy for the user interface and seamless navigation. The Showbox app will provide the functionality to make it easy and free for your audience. Showbox gives errors when working on phones. And get caught up in the online streaming process using a variety of issues found using the Showbox app.

How Showbox Work

Let’s take a look at how an app same Showbox works. Is there a website with thousands of pirated video streams and does the Showbox app know where it is? No, for certain shows or films, the application can draw only one source. Instead, most of the time, the app works on a peer-to-peer model, just like the torch path.

The Showbox app shares downloads and distribution of various video files that your users leave behind the scenes. This allows the user to customize playback for any movie or TV show and, after a brief period of buffering, the show will start playing. It would be too small to explain things that cannot go wrong. Copyright partners are struggling to decrease the amount of illegal content, particularly for the latest films or blockbusters. The absence of a particular real development team with the power to enforce code standards means that the consumer version can have all varieties of queries.

The Showbox clients usually go viral to get their bad code on thousands of phones throughout the world through unlicensed developers. Because of these matters and several other things, Showbox can just be granted a permanent application. Not using an app like Showbox can cause problems with your ISP, but that’s a different story.

Showbox Not Working On My Android?

Using a non-volatile application such as a Showbox can do a lot of harm. While we cannot resolve all of the issues you have encountered using this app, we have helped find solutions to some of the most common issues reported by Showbox users.

The first thing to try is to restart the phone, with virtually all of the errors you’ll find on an Android smartphone or tablet. Restarting the Android device is very quick and will immediately remove any memory problems or errors in the configuration that may generate error messages. Even if restarting the phone does not solve your problems. It puts your phone in a clean state in which to try other fixes in this article.

How To Fix Showbox ‘Cannot Play Video’ And ‘Server Not Available’ On Android

For most Android devices, just press and hold the power button until the Start menu reappears. Usually, this will give you the option to turn off the phone, restart or cancel. Select the “Restart” option and let your Android device breathe new life. If that doesn’t solve your problems, read on to see other common solutions to box errors.

Showbox ‘Cannot Play Video’ Error

Especially for new users, who have not yet properly set up and configured their Showbox configuration, one of the errors “usually, the video cannot be played” is encountered. The principal cause why this mistake issue is that the Showbox supports a huge amount of video file formats. But it relies on standalone programs to play downloaded or broadcast videos. You will receive this error message if the player you have installed cannot handle the video you are requesting to play. Solving this problem usually involves installing another video player that supports the file format.

The MX player is one of the most popular video players installed by Showbox Experience users. It is free, supports many formats and works well with the Showbox. If you’re having trouble playing videos in the Showbox, downloading the MX player should fix your issues. Alternatively, you can try VLC for Android, another popular Android video player. You do not need to take any special steps to access the presentation area to identify a new video player. Simply download and install the of your choice, then close the Showbox and restart your phone. When you restart the Showbox, it will automatically recognize the new video player and use it for all appropriate formats.

Showbox Server Unavailable Error

Another common error message offered by Showbox users is: “The server is not available.” Although it seems to be difficult to find the server online by mistake, it is caching your Showbox application. There is a problem with memory. What has occurred is that the Showbox assumes that the server exists at a particular IP address and stores this IP address in its local memory location. However, the server has crashed or disappeared, but the Showbox does not understand it and continues to try to meet the server who “knows” there.

For this error, the correction is simple and fast. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Stop the Showbox application and deactivate it.
  • Go to Android settings, the app manager, and then the Showbox app.
  • Select clear data and let the method complete.
  • Select a clean cache and let the process finish.
  • Restart and check the Showbox box.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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