Skype not working

Skype is among the best social media platforms. Skype enable users to create connections with associates. Skype has additional features that users can use to meet their connection needs. Skype has features that enable users to send video and images. Skype has a range of uses that users can choose from. In some instances, Skype may develop some technical issues that can greatly inconvenience user productivity. Some of the issues can lead to Skype not working.

Skype not working

When the issue such as Skype not working emerges a notification indicating the issue will pop up. In some instances, Skype can’t open when the app is clicked. In such instances, users can be greatly affected. There are many reasons why the Skype not working error may occur.

How to know the source of the problem

Before troubleshooting users should check if the overall Skype service is having issues. If Skype won’t connect, then users can conduct troubleshooting on the platform. Users can also access this from the Skype app by clicking the three-dot menu button at the top left and open the settings menu. Users can select Help & Feedback from the list on the left, then click Skype Status to open the page in the browser.

How to resolve the Skype not working issue

If Skype won’t open users can use the methods provided below to attain the outcome that is needed.

Rename Skype folder

Regardless of the device being used users can successfully resolve the problem when it appears by following the steps below.

Step 1: Press and hold the Windows button and the R button to navigate to advanced settings of the device or app being used

Step 2: Navigate to the Run option and type msconfig.exe

Step 3: Press Enter option 

Step 4: Left click on the boot tab on the upper side of the window

Step 5: Check on the safe box and reboot the device.

Open the application and determine whether the problem has successfully been sorted out.

Reinstall Skype App

If the problem of Skype not working still occurs, users need to reinstall the application. In some instances, users may be using an outdated application to access skype services. Users can navigate to the application and long press on the application. An option indicating necessary actions will be displayed. Users can click on the option indicated uninstall the application.

Skype not working

Once the application is uninstalled users can navigate to the Microsoft store. Search for the updated version of the Skype application. Users can opt to upgrade the application to the present version. Once installed users can click on the application and indicate account credentials and access Skype at their convenience at any moment.

Disable UPnP

Users can disable UPnP to resolve the issue successfully. Users can use the guidelines provided below to attain the desired outcome in access to Skype services.

Step 1: Run the device into Safe mode if the users are accessing Skype by use of Windows 10 devices.

Step 2: Open the current Skype program.

Step 3: Open the Skype advanced connections settings.

Step 4: Disable the feature indicates uPnP.

Step 5: Reboot the Skype program and the operating system.

Navigate to the application and click on it. The problem will be fully resolved and users can enjoy the convenience of Skype. Users can enable UPnP by following the same steps.

Conduct SFC scan

Users can experience problems in skype due to some problems in the system. Users can scan the device to determine the problem that emerges. Users can follow the steps provided below to attain the desired outcome and access to information and other connection access.

Step 1: Navigate to the upper right side of the monitor 

Step 2: Left click on the search information feature

Step 3: Search for the command prompt options in the device

Step 4: Right-click on the command prompt icon and left-click on Run as Administrator

Step 5: In the command prompt window indicate SFC/scan now.

Press enter on the keyboard. The device will conduct an SFC scan automatically making any necessary changes. Once complete reboot the device and click on the application. Skype won’t open notification will varnish making access to the account possible.

Why skype Stop working

Skype not working

There are instances when skype application can run into malfunctions. Skype can stop working while the user is in the process of accessing the platform. In such instances, users can close the application and open it fresh. If the issue persists users can conduct a scan on the device.

How to troubleshoot Skype problems

Troubleshooting can be conducted on the internet or by performing a self troubleshoot. When using skype the option to troubleshoot appears on the screen where users can tap on the option. Once troubleshoot has been conducted users can access the services of preference. Users can troubleshoot any problem to get technical assistance from the service providers.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why Skype not working error occurs. Users need to know the problem that causes the issue to happen. Users can be greatly inconvenienced when such an issue happens.

The methods above can be used by users to access their skype account. Skype is among the best social media platforms that enable users to perform a range of operations. When Skype runs into technical errors users can be greatly affected.

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