Sound Issues On iPhone 8 And 8 Plus

Is the audio feature of your iPhone 8 not working? Are you looking for ways to fix sound issues on iPhone 8 or 8 Plus? If yes, then read this article to find out the reasons and solutions to this problem.

Fixes for sound issues on iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Check volume buttons

One of the very obvious reasons for which the audio of your iPhone is not working is- because either you have set your phone volume 2D minimum or the mute button is active.  So check the volume level of your phone and the mute button.

No sound on videos

If your iPhone 8 device has no sound on videos, it might be because either the application or the video that you are using has a glitch. In such cases, try to play the video using a different application or try playing a different video.

Faulty app/update

Another reason for this problem could be because of an app that you recently installed or an update that you made.  If you notice this difference after installing a particular app or an update, it means that the app or the update was faulty.  If the problem is minor rebooting your phone should solve the problem.

Sound Issues On iPhone 8 And 8 Plus

Phone connected to a different audio Bluetooth device

It might also be possible that your phone is connected to a Bluetooth audio device like an earphone or a speaker. So disable your Bluetooth and see if that was the issue.

No sound or vibration on your iPhone 8

Go to the settings of your phone and change the volume of your alerts and ringer from minimum to maximum for a few times. In case you don’t hear any sound or see that the speaker button is dimmed, then it means that you might have to take your phone to a service center and get your speaker checked.

Hardware damage

In case your phone came in contact with water or any other liquid, or you accidentally dropped your phone, there are chances that a phone speaker or an audio component has been damaged. If you have noticed the change after the incident that means that the speaker of your phone needs to be fixed.

Receiver or speaker might be jammed

It also happens that the receiver or the speaker is blocked because of dirt or your screen guard. So remove film, phone guards, etc., and clean the receiver and the speaker with a dry and clean brush. Use a soft-bristled brush and gently clean their openings.

Network issue

No sound during calls on iPhone 8- if you are facing this problem, then turn on your speaker while on a call. If there is a static or crackling sound, or no sound at all, then there might be a problem with your network. Try to make a call from a different location and see what happens.

Reset settings

You might have unknowingly made a faulty setting on your phone. So just in case, go to the settings on your phone and reset it. You will lose your customized settings and alerts, but just you can give it a try.

Update your phone to the latest version of iOS

Doing this, you will not only update your software but also get rid of bugs if there are any. Because at times, bugs might also affect your phone and it’s components. So, in that case, updating your phone will help.

In case you have exhausted all of the above options, then the issue with your phone might be complex. So, in this case, it is best that you contact Apple Support for further assistance to your problem.

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