Fix Spotify Not Working on Android Auto

Spotify has interesting collections that entertain millions of users across the world. It is one of the most-used apps for audio streaming. As a preferred app for listening to songs, at times Android users run into minor issues such as when the app doesn’t work on Android Auto. Android Auto is an app that allows your phone’s app to be mirrored on your car display so you can drive hassle-free. If you have run into a similar problem as above, then here are some simple solutions that can help you fix the Spotify not working on Android Auto issue. So, have a read.

Ways To Fix Spotify Not Working On Android Auto:

  1. Restart Your Device

One of the easiest ways to fix small errors such as app functioning slow, the app is stuck or app is not working can be fixed by restarting your smartphone. Restart your smartphone and then reconnect it to your car to see if the Spotify app is working with Android Auto.

  1. Clear Cache

Clearing the cache of Spotify app can help fix the issue. Here is how to clear cache of Spotify:

Head towards the Settings option on your Android device

Tap on Apps

Scroll down to locate Spotify and tap to open it

Tap on Storage Usage

Tap on Clear Option given

Start the app again to check if the problem is solved.

  1. Force Stop the Spotify App on Your Device

Try force-stopping the Spotify app to see if the issue is resolved. Here is how you can do it:

Open the Settings option on your Android device

Tap on Apps

Scroll down to locate Spotify and tap to open it

Tap on the Force Stop option

This will allow the app to come out of any loop that it has been stuck in to and is unable to work or has become unresponsive. Force stopping kills any unpredictable issues and restarts the app from fresh.

  1. Update Spotify App

All of us understand the importance of updates. Keeping an app updated allows it to be enabled with the latest features or fixes if any. Here is how you can update the Spotify app:

Open Play Store app on your smartphone

Look for Spotify in the search bar

If there are any updates available on the Spotify app, you will find the Update option right beside it.

Tap on this Update option to complete the process

Reconnect your phone to the car to check if Spotify is working with Auto Android

  1. Update Android Device

Like your apps, it is equally significant for you to keep your smartphone updated to the latest available software for the apps to function smoothly. Here is how you can update your phone:

Go to Settings

Scroll down to get the option ‘Software Update’ and tap on it

Tap on Download and Install

If there is an update available you will get an option to download it. Just click on Download and wait.

Once downloaded you will be prompted with the option to Install

Click to Install and wait for the phone to restart

Once done check if the apps are working in sync with each other

  1. Remove Spotify from Battery Optimization

Our battery saver often clashes with apps that are open for a long time. In this case, Spotify, because you may have to use it for a long time when listening to songs. In this case, you can exempt Spotify from the battery optimization option so it doesn’t cause any problems.

Open Settings

Tap on Battery

Tap in Menu or the three-dots

Select Optimize Battery Usage

Look for the Spotify app and toggle the battery optimization option off

  1. Change Your Default Music Service to Spotify

This is another way that users have successfully used to fix this issue. Follow the steps below to make the changes:

Open Settings option on your Android device

Tap on Google Assistant

Tap on Service

Next tap on Music

Select Spotify as your default music service

These are some common ways to fix the issue of Spotify not working on Android Auto. Remember, you must have stable internet when using the app to ensure that it runs smoothly with Auto Android in your car.

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