How To Fix Sticky Keys On Laptop

If your laptop’s key is sticking but not physically, then it may be because your laptop is dirty. Because our laptops are so frequently used, it is a very common problem where dust particles or debris settle underneath the keys, thus causing it to stick. In this article, we will look into this problem and discuss about how this can be fixed without visiting a repair shop. However, in case you have a MacBook, and you are trying to fix keys on a Mac, then it is advisable to check Apple’s list for its Keyboard Service Program. Because MacBooks have butterfly keyboards, prying of your Mac keypad is to be restricted until it’s your last option.

Steps to fix sticky keys on laptop

Step 1. Shut down your laptop

Ensure that your laptop is shut down before you move ahead. This will make it easier for you to clean your laptop.

Step 2. Get rid of dirt or any kind of residue stuck under the keys

Hold your laptop upside-down, or it’s even better if there someone can hold your laptop for you, this will make it easier for you to clean your keypad. Use a soft cloth to clean the keypad smoothly by running it upside down. In case if you use compressed air instead of the cloth, it will serve the purpose. Doing this, you will get rid of larger debris lying loose under the keys. Tilt the laptop in different angles to get rid of the remaining residue.

Step 3. Lubricate your keypad

How To Fix Sticky Keys On Laptop

Lubrication not only makes your keypad look brand new, but it also works as a disinfectant. This will help you get rid of any remaining debris from the keypad. To do so, take a microfiber cloth, dip it in a lubricant and gently rub the keyboard for a few times until the residue is removed.

Step 4. Take out the sticky keys

If you notice that even after all the above tricks, any of the keys are stuck, then you will have to raise the key to clean out the remaining residue lying under it. To do so, use a thin wood or plastic stripe to take out the sticky key(s). Once you take out the sticky key, clean the place where the key was with a disinfectant. Just be careful so that the key doesn’t break, and also remember the exact position of the hinge in case you have taken it out mistakenly.

Step 5. Engage in cleaning all the keys one by one

While cleaning your sticky key, if you notice that there is a lot of accumulated dirt beneath the keys in your keypad, then you may consider cleaning all the key. To do so, you will have to be very patient and remove the keys one by one using a plastic or wooden stripe. Make sure to keep a note of the exact orientation of all the keys,  and keep them organized in a systematic way so that you don’t misplace them later.

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