Fix The Amazon App Store Not Working In Android 12

Most of us use Amazon as an online shopping platform for various things. We all like to use the app rather than going for their websites or other options. But sometimes, some of the users of Android 12 run into trouble with the Amazon App Store. In case you are going through the same issue, follow any one of the below methods to fix the Amazon app store not working in Android 12.

Methods to fix the Amazon app store not working in Android 12

Force Stop Amazon App Store

Restarting the app by force-stopping it for a while can be the first best possible solution. This will solve any issues and give a new look. To force stop your Amazon App Store:

Start by looking for the settings tab on your device and tapping on it

Click on the apps option among the available ones

Search for Amazon App among all the available ones

Click on the Force Stop option now

Then confirm the force stop by clicking on the OK button

Restart the app once again by going to the home screen

Once you have done, check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Clear Amazon App store Cache

Sometimes your Amazon App Store stops functioning for a while if it is fully loaded with data. So, you need to clear up all the cache to return to its normal state. To clear up cache:

Look for the settings menu and tap on it

Click on the apps button from the available list of options

Search for Amazon App among all the available ones

Look for the storage tab and click on it

Tap on the Clear cache option now

After that, check whether you can fix the Amazon App Store in Android 12.

Update Amazon App Store

Amazon regularly updates its App with new features and advanced options. Using the same old versions of Amazon can sometimes bring you in trouble. It could include any troubles such as the slow performance of the app and other issues. So, updating your app with the latest version can fix the Amazon App feature in Android 12. To Update Your Amazon App:

Launch the play store or the App listing tab on your device

Then search for the Amazon option and tab on it

Now click on the Update option and wait for a while until it’s updated

After it’s been updated, you will be able to solve the problem.

The above 3 methods will likely help resolve the issue of troubling the Amazon App Store. But if it is still not fixed, you can delete the Amazon App in your device and reinstall it once again. Or sometimes, you can downgrade the app, which is to download an older version of the app, which will be quite suitable for your device. So, by this, you will finally be able to fix your Amazon App Store.

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