Samsung Galaxy S6 Slow Charging Issue

Underneath we’ll get into some possible arrangements on How To Fix The Samsung Galaxy S6 Slow Charging Issue.

There are many ways to resolve slow charging issue on The Samsung Galaxy S6 and in this post we will focus on the most effective ones.

Safe Mode

This moderate charging issue happens because of getting some 3rd party applications. What you have to do is boot your gadget into safe mode and check whether it charges more efficiently while in the safe mode. On the off chance that it does, one of your 3rd party applications is inducing the issue. On the off chance that is the situation, you can uninstall 3rd party applications one by one until the issue is gone, or play out an master reset.

To enter safe mode turn off your smartphone.

Next, hold the power key until you see ‘Samsung Galaxy S6’ on the screen.

Press the volume down key then and your smartphone will restart.

When you see ‘Safe mode’ message on the screen, let go of the volume key.

kill the safe mode by squeezing the home key > restart > OK.


Uninstall Third-Party Apps

On the off chance that everything worked fine in the safe mode, it implies that one of the applications is inducing the issue. To uninstall applications, go to Menu > Settings > More > Application Manager > Downloaded section, select the application and tap Uninstall.


Master Reset

Another approach to resolve Slow Charging Issue On Your Samsung Galaxy S6 is to play out an master reset. This procedure will erase everything from the phone’s internal storage. So it is ideal to take a backup of all the required applications and archives before you play out this progression.

In the first place, go to the settings from your home screen.

Next tap your account.

Select the ‘Backup and reset’ alternative from different choices accessible.

Next tap on ‘Reset gadget’. You may be prompted to enter your password. Enter the password and proceed.

You will be again requested for confirmation. Select ‘Erase all’ and everything will be deleted.


Close All The Background Applications

In the event that there are such a variety of applications in the background and all are running while you have kept your smartphone in charging, it will slow down the charging process. Since all the running applications are utilizing some measure of battery and hence the charging time is expanded. So you have to close all the background applications to accelerate the charging procedure.

Press the home key for few moments and let go of it.

Select ‘End all applications’ in the Task manager.

You will discover a “RAM” option at the top in the same screen, select that choice and clear memory.

These strides will close all the running applications in the background to settle the moderate charging issue on The Samsung Galaxy S6.


System Dump

System dump is an alternative in android that will display to you the pictures of lately installed ROM. This is an incredible approach to resolve any sort of issues on your phone. To play out this progression take after the underneath steps.

The initial step is to open up the the dialer.

Next press *#9900#.

A page will now popped up.

navigate down and select ‘Low battery dump’.

Turn it on. That is it. This technique may settle the issue.

Here are a few tips on the best way to get quicker charging rate on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

1 Use the Samsung universe S6 unique charger: If you utilize unrecognized charger to charge your Samsung system S6, the touch screen will get to be inert. In the event that this happens, unplug the charger, then expel the battery for 5 mins.

2 Do not charge your Galaxy S6 by the PC.

3 Re-calibrating Your galaxy S6: You ought not permit your Galaxy S6 battery to kick the bucket totally or even get to a great degree of low battery power every time you utilize it. Performing a regular charge up will augment your battery’s life. If overheated, Li-particle batteries may endure thermal runaway and cell rupture.

How to Re-calibrate your Galaxy S6 Battery?

Manufacturers typically prescribe calibrating eevery 2-3 months.

Plug in unique charger into your Galaxy S6 VIA Power Supply.

Have it there connected to for 30 Mins.

Give it a chance to charge to 100%.

At the point when the battery is completely charged. Expel the charger.

Let your S6  drain to 0%.

Rehash these progression twice.

The battery will along these lines gets it’s charging cycle.

By playing out this each 3 times in per 6 months will keep your battery on favorable terms.


Some Other Tips for Faster charging on the Galaxy S6.

Close all applications that you are not utilizing right now.

Turn off WIFI and GPS, All area administrations.

Turn the smartphone off while charging.


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