Format a Hard Drive for Windows 11 Installation

Formatting a hard drive ensures that you get fresh hardware to install your Windows 11. This ensures a clean installation that is error-free and doesn’t conflict with your system. Here is how to format a hard drive for Windows 11 installation:

Pre-Format Requirements

Before formatting the hard disk on your system to install Windows 11, you must restart your system using the Windows 11 ISO with a bootable flash drive or disc.

After you download Windows 11 file, you need to make it bootable using Rufus on a USB flash drive

Step-by-Step Guide to Format Hard Drive o PC to Install Windows

The Windows 11 installation USB drive or the disc should be inserted into your system

If your system is already ON, then restart it and if it is turned OFF, then power it on and when the system is booting, press the SETUP/BOOT/BIOS key continuously. This will prompt the boot from USB/DVD screen. The SETUP/BOOT/BIOS keys are different for every system. You must check and press the one that works for your model. Generally, Delete, F12, F11, and F2 keys are used to get the boot screen.

Once you have the boot screen, you need to select the Boot sequence to insert Windows 11 drive/disc as a priority

When you have selected Windows 11 drive/disc as the primary boot device, you must restart the system again. Remember, you must not unplug your power cable or remove the Windows 11 drive/disc.

Your system will prompt you to with a command ‘Press any key to boot from CD or DVD’. You can press any key on your keyboard and continue with the process

Next, you will be prompted with easy-to-follow on-screen instructions to proceed

Select the Language, Time and currency format, and Keyboard/Input Method on the next screen

Click on the Next button and then click on Install Now

Click on ‘I don’t have a product key’ on the Windows Activation Page

Next, from the list, you need to select Architecture or Windows OS Edition, which you wish to install on your system – it is recommended that you select Win11 Pro or Win11 Home

Click on Next after you have made your selection

Accept the Terms and Conditions by checking the checkbox – “I accept the Microsoft Software License Terms.”

Proceed by clicking on Next

On the Type of Installation page, you must select “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)” option

You will find all the available and connected disk drives and their size, (SSD and HDD) on this page. This helps you understand which drive partition you need to install the Windows OS.

Click to select the disk drive partition on which you wish to install the Windows

Next, click on Format and confirm your action by clicking on OK

This will format the selected hard drive partition and prepare it to install Windows 11

Click on Next to initiate the Windows OS installation

The installation may take some time. It may be different for every system as it depends on the performance of the hardware used. You will be able to see the progress bar on the screen

Once the installation is complete, your system will prompt you with a message and automatically restart the system. You can even do it manually if the system takes time to send the restart message.

You must remove the Windows 11 USB/disc from the system and allow it to boot normally from its hard drive. Remember you should not disconnect the system from the power source or turn off its power during its initial set-up of Windows OS

During the set-up process, your system will restart several times automatically. You must not interrupt the process.

On the initial set-up screen, select your preferred region

Sign in to your Microsoft account and set a PIN to allow quick access to your newly installed Windows 11 OS

On the next page, you are prompted to “Choose privacy settings for your device”. Here you can choose to keep or discard certain settings by turning the toggles ON or OFF according to your preference. For instance, Diagnostic Data, Find My Device, etc.

Click on Next and select customization options as desired

Next, click on Skip/Accept >select Storage >select ‘Only store files on this device’

Click Next to complete the installation process of Windows 11

Follow the above guide to format and install Windows 11 on your system.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issue


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