Bubbles Easter Egg in Android 12

The beta version of Android 12 has been getting improvements and features in every single build. In the fourth beta build, the bubbles easter eggs have been rolled out. We all are aware of the hidden game and feature that Android versions get to interact with the users and provide an immersive experience. It is expected that the final version of Android 12 will be rolled out soon. Even though Android bubble easter eggs have become common, they can still be accessed with some simple steps. To know how to get bubbles easter egg in Android 12, follow the points mentioned below.

Steps To Get Bubbles Easter Egg In Android 12

To unlock the Android 12 bubbles easter egg, navigate to the Settings on the phone powered by Android 12. Once you get in the menu option, navigate to the About Phone option and click on it

Under the About Phone option, click on the Android version and start tapping on the option rapidly

After few taps, the next step will occur, and users will see an Analog clock.

You can alter the time visible on the clock by dragging the minute and hour hand like you would do on a real clock. Keep rotating until you land on 12.

As soon as you release your finger, the clock will explode and switch into the Android 12 logo along with the colored bubbles.

Things To Note About Android 12 Bubbles Easter Egg

Users are strictly advised to avoid removing bubbles by tapping, sliding, or waiting for them to vanish. As you are still under the Settings option, remove the bubbles by pressing the home button located at the bottom of the screen. If you use gesture navigation, swipe up to return to the actual home screen.

What Does Android 12 Easter Egg Brings?

The Android 12 easter egg does not bring any fancy features to the table. Users just witness some visible spots on the screen. They also get the option to design home screens, fonts, icons, and color patterns. Even though the bubbles look aesthetically pleasing, they do not stay there.

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