Apple watch charging reminders

If you already own an Apple Watch, you must know that it operates on a chargeable battery. The Apple Watch sends you notifications when the battery capacity is reduced or low. This is a good sign to help you keep track of when the watch needs to be put on charge so that it doesn’t go dead while you are out walking, exercising, or at a meeting where notifications on your Apple Watch are of great help. Starting with the Apple Watch OS 7 and the iOS 14, the users enjoy the privilege to choose to receive Apple Watch charging reminders to stay in the safe side.

A Know-How On Apple Watch Series 7 Battery Life

As per a note released by Apple on its official website for the Apple Watch OS7 software, there is an update that adds new options for the watch users where they can set reminders to help them receive alerts to charge the watch before bedtime. Users with this update will also be able to receive notifications once the battery is fully charged. However, since the launch of Apple Watch back in 2015, the company has not made much progress with respect to battery life on a charge. The Series 7 Apple Watch is said to last for around 18 hours only per single charge. This is subject to vary depending on your usage.

If you sleep around late in the evening, make sure to put your watch on charge before going to bed, or else you have a chance of running out of battery with insufficient time to put it on charge in the morning. As mentioned above, you can opt for the reminder notification system that will help you schedule a time to set the watch on charge to avoid such situations. You can actually put your watch on charge when the battery goes down to 30%. The automatic reminder will remind you to take it off the charger and prevent overcharging-related issues.

Steps To Follow To Set Your Apple Watch Charging Reminders

Here are some of the steps you should follow to set a reminder for charging your Apple Watch:-

Open your iPhone and then open the Watch App

Tap on the tab saying ‘My Watch

Now scroll down a little bit to find the option ‘Sleep’. Tap on it.

Under the ‘Battery’ option, you will find the ‘Charging Reminders’. Set your time and preferences on it.

That’s it. This is how you can set Apple watch charging reminders to never run out of battery.

Remember, there can be instances where you might find the battery dead before its expected time due to overuse of the watch. Hence, do not just watch for the reminder to pop up. It is also advised to keep checking your watch’s battery life from time to time as you use it. Also, this reminder would not show up unless and until you select the option ‘Use this Watch for Sleep‘ in your Apple Watch sleep menu. This needs to be followed by setting your sleep schedule on the Health App on your watch and you are all set!

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