how to get free Google drive storage

Google offers every Google account holder a free cloud storage space of 15GB. However, this space is also utilized by Google photos and Gmail. So, those who store a lot of media and get heavy files through their email will quickly use up this free space of 15 GB. If you are wondering how to get free Google drive storage then scroll down for more information.

Ways to Get More Than 15GB of Space on Google Drive

Change the Quality of Google Photos

Smartphones these days offer superior quality pictures which require a lot of storage space. The higher the quality of pictures the more space it needs for storage. A good, high-quality picture would be good enough for you and the storage. If the picture is saved in something more superior than that, then your space is gone for a toss. Here is what you should do:

Go to Google Photos app > Menu > Settings > Backup & Sync > Upload Size – ensure that High Quality (free unlimited storage) is selected in this option.

This way you get to store unlimited pictures of high quality while you have other storage space free for other work.

how to get free Google drive storage

Work with Google File Formats

Google slides, sheets and documents have all been created to take up very small space in the storage. While sending emails use them in your attachments and even share your data using through Google formats. Convert the regular words documents to the preferred formats that Google offers and save your storage.

Get Rid of Excessively Large Files from the Drive

Google has an option to show you all the large files that are saved on your Google Drive account. The files are in their descending order so you will find the largest files right on top of this list. Below is the link that will guide you to the list of files saved in your drive. You can delete these files or save it in a different storage device if compulsory and delete it from the Google Drive. This will help in freeing a lot of space.

Other Ways on How to Get More Google Drive Space for Free

At times Google offers you an opportunity to expand your storage space if you complete a specific action. At times it also offers free storage space when you purchase a Google product such as a Chromebook you can earn up to 100 MB free space. Google local guides can also get an opportunity to earn free space by uploading pictures, reviews of places that you visited, marking places, etc. Those who are working for education organizations can get unlimited free storage space on Google Drive. This is known as G Suite. However, there are some criteria that need to be fulfilled before one can get access to G Suite.

These are the only ways you can free your Google Drive for space without having to pay. Those who are willing to pay for storage then they can pay $1.99 for a month and get 100 GB space. Google offers up to 30 TB of storage space. There are different plans which you can select from. You just need to go to Google Storage Settings and pick a plan according to your requirement.



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