How to get verified on TikTok

Tik Tok is the most popular application all over the world. TikTok provides the opportunity for its users to express their creativity. TikTok has 800 million users worldwide. TikTok growth is faster than all other social media platforms. TikTok provides the users to make 30-60 seconds of videos to express their creativity. How to get verified on TikTok? Let’s find out.

The TikTok secret of getting faster success is its algorithm, which uses AI to make Attractive recommendations for their customers. The video feed automatically plays when the app opens. TikTok users can follow their favorite creators, celebrities, and public figures also.

Note: If you purchase followers on TikTok from any of the sources or try to increase your views, you will instantly get banned from TikTok.


How to get verified on TikTok


TikTok provides verified badges to those who have a large number of the audience, popular people, and Influencers.


A user can get the TikTok verification badge when the TikTok has confirmed that the account belongs to that person only. The verified badge appears when that username is searched and the badge appears next to the username.


If you get the TikTok verified badge your audience knows that you will provide them authentic content on your profile. The audience starts building trust in you once you have got a TikTok verified badge. It helps in increasing more audience growth for yourself.

So now we discuss how to get verified on TikTok?

Getting TikTok verification requires some factors are:

FACTOR 1: A large number of audience

FACTOR 2: Authenticity

FACTOR 3: Popularity

FACTOR 4: Activeness

FACTOR 5: Uniqueness

FACTOR 6: And follow TikTok guidelines

These factors helped you in how to get verified on TikTok?

There are 2 types of verification badges in TikTok:

VERIFICATION BADGE 1: TikTok verified badge.

VERIFICATION BADGE 2: TikTok popular creator badge.

We will talk more about how to get verified on TikTok easily?


Not everyone can get TikTok verified badge. How to get verified on TikTok? Only popular celebrities, artists, singers, and popular influencers get TikTok verified account badge.

If you are one of listed above in the list you are lucky you can easily get TikTok verified account badge. If are you not from this list you cannot get this badge but TikTok also has a badge for everyone.


Anyone can get The TikTok popular creator badge once you have a large number of audience on your profile. For getting The TikTok popular creator badge you not only require a huge fan following, but there are also so many other factors that determine whether you will be getting the verified badge on TikTok or not. Factors such as, how many views you are getting on your videos and for how much time you are active TikTok every day.

If your popularity is high on TikTok and you get more engagement from your followers, then you can grow faster on TikTok. There are high chances that you will get the popular creator badge from TikTok.

If your a popular creator and you didn’t have the popular creator badge from TikTok, start increasing your content quality, create more videos, maintain consistency in your videos.

It will enhance your growth on TikTok through which you can get featured on the TikTok home page which leads you to get more chances to get TikTok popular creator badge soon.

When your videos get more growth in views on TikTok your followers will also increase with it then, you will automatically get the TikTok popular creator badge without anything. TikTok members check all popular creators’ accounts to give them the popular creator badge.

So now you understand what is the difference between The TikTok verified badge and TikTok popular creator badge, both are given according to the guidelines of TikTok. 


The blue tick verified badge provides authority to people to get known by other people. So now you know that you have to follow TikTok guidelines to get the verified badge. TikTok is made for those people who present their skills in front of people through TikTok. We discussed some factors regarding getting the verification above. Let’s take a detailed study of those factors.


Followers matter the most. Followers are so important for building a reputation. TikTok says that it verifies only public figures, celebrities, big brands, and Influencers. So start building the big following. It indicates you have to put high-quality content and creativity with regular videos and consistency in uploading it.

It also indicates that whoever has a huge following on their TikTok accounts are considered as a public figure. Start building your Audience to get verified as soon as possible. And try to make your content according to the latest trends to get in trend.


TikTok has not introduced their monetization plans for now but there are so many other ways to earn through TikTok. Some of them are influencer marketing or affiliate marketing.

In Influencer marketing, brands contact the creators who have a large number audience and give their product sample to those creators to feature and promote that product in their videos. To do so, the creators charge brands according to the type of promotion.

In affiliate marketing, creators suggest the product to their audience. If the audience purchases from the creator referral they get some discount and the creator get a commission from the brands for each sale.

Some people also say that TikTok will introduce monetization in the future.

Start Collaborating with other influencers to get more followers to your profile. When you get a higher number of the following, you will be automatically approached by various brands for promoting their product on your TikTok profile whilst getting paid by promoting their product.

TikTok is developed for entertainment purposes only. If you end up violating TikTok guidelines, it will create a representation of you to be spam in front of your audience, and TikTok will block you immediately from its database.

I hope this article has solved your problems regarding How to get verified on TikTok?

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