WhatsApp recently roll out a new feature through which users can hide their status from a specific contact.

There are some instances where we want to upload a new status on WhatsApp but immediately change our mind as we don’t want everyone from our contact list to see that status.

In this article we will tell you, to hide WhatsApp status from specific contacts on your list if you don’t want everyone to see your new status.

WhatsApp status is inspired by Instagram stories which itself is inspired by Snapchat stories. Despite having a massive user base on the app, the status feature didn’t get much attention from users as the Instagram stories get. Still, there are millions of users who post status daily and millions who watched these statuses on WhatsApp.

The app offers some features to its status option which many users aren’t aware of. The app offers users an option to banish the contacts or you can allow only certain contacts to view your status.

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How to hide WhatsApp Status from Specific Contacts?

It doesn’t matter which platform you are using. It works on both iOS and Android the same way so you don’t need to worry about the platform.

Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Tap on three dots on the right corner and select settings

Choose Accounts and then tap on privacy.

In privacy, navigate status and tap on it.

You will find three options there i.e. “My Contacts”, “My contacts except” and “Only Share with”.

Tap on “My Contacts except” it will show you the list of all your contacts. Choose the contact whom you don’t want to show your status.

If you chose the third option i.e. “Only Share with” then again your contact list will appear and from here only those people will see your contact whose number you choose.

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