import iPhone contacts into Gmail

There are several reasons when it becomes necessary to import iPhone contacts into Gmail. Backup is definitely one of the reasons as this ensures security at the highest. So, if you are looking for ways to transfer iPhone contacts into Gmail, read on this article. We have shared here 4 useful ways to import iPhone contacts into Gmail.

All the methods are very simple and can be done by you. So, have a read.

Method 1: Through iPhone settings

If you are looking for ways to transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail without iCloud or iTunes, this is the method for you. It is the simplest method that will take hardly any time.

  • First, head towards the settings app on your iPhone.
  • Next, go to the option ‘Password and Accounts’.
  • Tap on Add account to add your Gmail account here. Select Google and enter all the required information here.
  • Once you have added all the information, it will verify the account. After successful verification, tap ‘Save’.
  • In the bottom part, you will notice several options like calendar, contacts, mail, etc. Turn on the ‘Contact’ option and tap on Save again.
  • You have successfully synced the iPhone contacts with Gmail, and all the saved contacts now will be available into your Gmail as well.


Method 2: Sync iPhone contacts to Gmail through iCloud

Another way to transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail is through iCloud. This method is bit complex as compared to another method. However, you can use this method when all other methods are not working for you.

Here is the step by step process for that. So, follow the steps, and you will be done.

  • First, go to the settings >iCloud in your iPhone and turn on the Contacts option.
  • The next job requires you to have a computer ready with you. Sign into the iCloud account from your computer by visiting Input the Apple ID and password. You will be signed into the iCloud account.
  • Here also select the contacts option. From there choose all those contacts that you want to import from iPhone to Gmail.
  • At the bottom corner, you will notice a gear icon. Tap on that to choose the option ‘Export vCard’. Once you tap on that, a .vcf file will get downloaded.
  • Open the Gmail Contacts now and then select the option ‘Import contacts’.
  • A new window will be displayed there. Select the ‘Choose file’ option from there.
  • Here again, select the vCard that has been exported from the iCloud account. Click on ‘import’ and now all the iPhone contacts will be available to your Gmail account.

import iPhone contacts into Gmail

This is how to transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail without iTunes. However, if you are eager to use iTunes to do the entire process, this is also possible. We have discussed that process in method 3.


Method 3: Sync iPhone contacts to Gmail through iTunes

This process is very simple and will need just a second of yours. But, in order to start this transfer process, ensure that the iCloud contacts option is disabled. Otherwise, you will not be able to import contacts to Gmail from iPhone. The step by step process is discussed below.

  • Download iTunes in your PC and install it. Make sure you have downloaded the latest version.
  • Now, connect your iPhone to PC through a USB cable. Once connected, the iTunes will be launched automatically in PC. However, if it does not, open iTunes.
  • Now, select the option Device and tap on info.
  • Here you will notice an option called ‘Sync Contacts with’ along with a drop-down menu.
  • Select Google Contacts from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, follow the on-screen instruction and everything will be done hassle free.

There is one more way to import iPhone contacts into Gmail which requires small software, and that’s it. This method is explained below.


Method 4: Sync iPhone contacts to Gmail through iPhone Manager

Here we have used a free iPhone Manager called Syncios Manager. Importing iPhone contacts into Gmail through this Free iPhone Manager is very simple. Follow two-three simple steps, and you will be done.

  • Download and install Syncios Manager on your PC first.
  • Connect the iPhone with PC through a USB cable. The Syncios manager will be launched Ensure, your iPhone is unlocked to do the task hassle-free. Tap on ‘Trust this computer’ on the phone screen to go ahead.
  • Now tap on Information>Contacts> Backup.
  • You can backup either all the contacts or some selected contacts. The options are available. Choose the required option and then select the CSV The contacts will be copied to CSV file from the iPhone.
  • The next step is to sign into the Gmail account and go to Contacts> More.
  • Choose Import from the drop-down menu available.
  • Once all these are done, a new pop-up window will be available. Select Choose file there and tap on import to import the CSV file to Gmail. That’s it.

So, this is how to import iPhone contacts into Gmail. Several methods are available for this. You can use any of the above which will be best suited for you.


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