Battery life in OPPO Find X

Our phone means life to us and we need this life the whole day. From a small task to sending a message to an important task of doing a video chat with our clients, we need our phone beside us. And for this life of our to be with us, it needs a good battery life. Battery life is nothing but the time a device runs before it needs to be recharged. Battery life of OPPO Find X is in itself great. But as each and every device can be improved so can be OPPO Find X.

OPPO Find X is supported by Lithium-ion battery and has a good performance. Its battery life can be improved in the following ways.

Steps to Improve battery life in OPPO Find X

Battery life in OPPO Find X

  • Make sure that your device runs on the latest version of ColorOS. Timely updates must be done. You can check on these updates by going to Setting and then software updates.
  • Keep your phone on low power mode if you wish to save battery. It will increase the life of the battery and will be on for much longer. As soon as OPPO Find X notifies you of low battery turn it on. It optimizes the phone functions and minimizes system animations.
  • Remember to turn off the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS when not in use. These tools use up a lot of battery and when not closed they unnecessarily burden the battery life.
  • Dim the screen light when proper light is available and you can also choose for auto brightness option as it will adjust the light of the phone screen according to the atmosphere.
  • You also must use Wi-Fi rather than cellular data. Using cellular data consumes more battery than Wi-Fi.
  • Always keep the background apps closed, especially the ones not in use.
  • Turn off the auto sync option as it also consumes a lot of battery.

Following the above steps you can increase the battery life in OPPO Find X, and let your phone working well for long.


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