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Smartphones nowadays are the jack of all trades. From movies, music to gaming, it plums out sounds for a wide range of tasks. However, this device is not actually an audio specialist. Your smartphone may not have the volume level or speaker quality to make your stereo envious. Along with this, poor placement of the speaker can also get the way of enjoying the sound. Whatever the sound quality your phone has, here are some tips which you need to know to improve it. Primarily You can use sound booster apps to increase the quality of sound. But can also be helped by using these little tips. These tips will help you to increase sound quality on Android or other devices too. So, have a read.

Tips to increase sound quality on Android phone:

Check your phone settings

The first and foremost tip to increase the sound volume for an Android phone is to optimize the sound default settings. But all android UIs don’t have this feature. If your device has this feature, then it will be easy for you to enhance your audio quality.

As for Samsung devices, plug in your audio device and follow the tips:

  • At first, Go to settings and choose “sound and vibration” from the menu
  • Choose sound quality and effect. There you will get many options to improve your audio experience.

Xiaomi MIUI users have headphone enhancers. Just plug it and pick your headphone type. You even have a choice for normal headphones and in-ear.

 Music app steaming quality

The music app you use may not output the best sound by default. Many services, like Spotify, Google Play, have a default setting that lowers the sound quality to cope with your limited data plan. If that is something you are not concerned about, then go ahead and boost up the audio quality through the app’s settings.

To get an improved sound quality on android music apps, always select high-quality settings for sound. If you are concerned with the data charges, you can download the song in high quality at first and then enjoy the music any time you want.

Check the phone case

It might seem useless, but even a phone case can block the sound flow. Every phone’s speaker is not located in the same place. For example, the Samsung Galaxy A5 has its speaker grills on the sides. So, its sound gets muffled by hands. Ill-fitted phone covers can also have a similar effect. While using any third party protection, make sure your speakers are free to flow the sound.

Get an Equalizer app

To experience the best sound quality on Android, you should definitely rely on a sound equalizer app.  Most of the video apps or music apps don’t have that level of advanced settings to increase the treble or boost the bass simply. Therefore to suit your music taste, you can tweak your phone’s existing output.

If you use any sound equalizer app for controlling the bass or treble, you don’t need to ask how to increase volume on an Android phone.

Equalizer app

Use headphone

If your smartphone doesn’t provide a decent sound quality, simply buy a pair of decent headphones to enjoy your fancy music. There are several types of headphones available in the market nowadays. For enjoying the best music quality, buy one that can cope up with your surroundings. For example, if you live in a noisy area, definitely buy a headphone with good noise cancelation capability.

Smart speaker

While you are outside, headphones are a good option. But what about at home? Nowadays, voice assistance is so popular to manage one’s daily task and for entertainment purposes also. There are some smart speakers like Alexa, Echo, etc. that are getting more popular with time.

If you are smart and know these hacks, then you can enjoy the best quality music on your android phone because these are the easiest way to improve your sound quality on your android phone.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.



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