This guide will help you install Windows 10 on your Kano computer. However, the process is long, and you need to be patient while making the installation. Here is how to install Windows 10 on Kano computer:

The Beginning

  • The step is to download the Win10 on the Pi file and then place it in a folder which is just meant for the installation of Windows 10 on Pi
  • Now go to the Winzip website and then download it
  • Next download UEFI file from Andreiw
  • This will open several folders, and you need to click on the Binary folder and go to the folder which says pre-built images
  • Now go to Debug folder by clicking on WoA-GCC29
  • Move the Debug folder to the one which is dedicated for Windows 10 installation
  • Go to UUP and fill in the information
  • Now click the link which comes beside the UUP website. It will download and open in WinZip
  • Create a new folder again and place all that has been extracted by WinZip here.
  • Run – **creatingISO batch file. The process is lengthy and can take up to an hour. Once complete you will be prompted to exit.
  • Now the 17134.1.180410-180_RS4 Release disc image file
  • Doing this will open several folders and you need to click on Source folder
  • Again you will see many folders and now you need to locate the install.wim Copy and save it in the folder you are using to save all the folders for installation of Windows 10.
  • Now open the Win10 and Pi you will find all the folders. You need to extract systems32 folder from here.

Now eject the DVD drive.

Use the Command Prompt

  • Use the search and open command prompt and run as an administrator
  • Go to Windows 10 on Pi folder and copy the directory
  • Now insert the directory in the command prompt
  • Create a new folder and label it – m. It has to be letter m only else the installation will not work.
  • Paste this command in the command prompt – dism /mount-image /imagefile:install.wim /Index:1 /MountDir:m
  • Next paste this command in the command prompt – dism /image:m /add-driver /driver:foldername /recurse /forceunsigned
  • Once again paste this command in the command prompt – dism /unmount-wim /mountdir:m /commit.
  • Now put in your SD card.

Creating Partitions Mini Tool

  • Open MiniTool
  • Delete any existing partitions if any on the SD card else continue to read it
  • Now click on Create and fill in the details
  • Click on Create again and fill the details once again. So, you will have created 2 parttitions.
  • Now click on Apply
  • Copy the Debug folder(the one saved in the Windows 10 Installation folder) to the BOOT partition which you created in the MiniTool

Insert the Code in Command Prompt and SourceForge

  • Open Command Prompt and then insert – **dism /apply-image /imagefile:install.wim /index:1 /applydir ( name of the drive used ):**
  • In the command prompt paste – bcdboot F:\Windows /s E: /f UEFI
  • Next in the command prompt you need to insert – bcdedit /store E:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bcd /set { default } testsigning on
  • Now you have to paste – bcdedit /store E:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\bcd /set { default } nointegritychecks on
  • Go to SourceForge and copy the text below to a Notepad and save it to the SD card

how to install Windows 10 on Kano computer

Loading Windows 10

  • Now put the SD card in the Raspberry Pi so you can initiate the installation of Windows 10. If you have done things as mentioned in the guide you will get a black screen with the image of a raspberry.
  • Then an error code will come and this is when you need to press Shift and F10.
  • You will get the Command Prompt where you need to write – mmc and this will open a window
  • Now go to File and click on Add/Remove snap-in
  • This will again open another window and you need to click on Computer Management and then click Add.
  • Next click on Finish and the previous window will have computer management tab
  • Now under this Computer Management you will find Local Users and Groups – you need to click on it and then click on Users
  • Next click on Administrator to open a new window
  • The Unclick account is disabled and next click on OK
  • If you are interested to set a password you can do it now by clicking right on the Administrator
  • Now click the close button on the window and it will give you an error message just click OK and ignore that message.
  • The code which you copied on the Notepad earlier should now be pasted in the Command Prompt
  • Run the file and you may get another error message which needs to be ignored by clicking on OK
  • In the Command Prompt write “shutdown /r ” and this will reboot the Kano computer
  • This will take some time and once the process is complete you will get the Windows 10 screen.

You can now use Windows 10 on your Kano Computer.



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