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Who doesn’t like playing games, especially when you can make new friends, connect and talk to them while playing? That’s exactly what you can do on the PlayStation Party Chat, even from your PC and if you are here to look for a way to connect or join a PlayStation 4 console party chat from your PC, then you are in the right place. We’ll walk you through the entire process of how to join a PS4 Party Chat from your PC.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 was the main console of it’s computer entertainment, but there is a fifth generation (PS5) as well. Sony has taken great steps over the years to bring PlayStation support to the Windows platform. Joining the PlayStation Party Chat on PC can seem a little tricky, but with this guide, you’ll easily connect with your friends. But first, let’s learn what exactly PlayStation Party Chat and PS Remote Play are.

What is PlayStation Party Chat?

Just like Discord, PlayStation party chat is also a similar chat application for gamers, but exclusively for PlayStation players. It is a voice and text chat service that allows PS players to communicate with each other. This feature is available on the PS4 as well as on the PS5.

It’s the most efficient communication method on the PlayStation, allowing players to express themselves while playing multiplayer games. They don’t need to use the in-game chat services or any other third-party chat service. Because sometimes, apps like discord can use so much CPU, and that’s a problem.

What is PS Remote Play?

PlayStation Remote Play is a streaming application where you can play your favorite PlayStation games on your PC. You can remotely enjoy PS games on it without even using your PS. So, if you own a PS4 or PS5 console, all you need to do is set up the PlayStation Remote Play app on your PC to use PlayStation Party Chat feature.

Remote Play is a great app since it allows gamers to play their favorite PlayStation games from another device. That’s ideal for situations when, for example, your console is in the other room, but you want to join a PS Party Chat remotely from another room.

PS Remote Play is compatible with:

  • Android version 7 or above
  • iOS 12.13 or above
  • Windows 10/11
  • Mac 10.13 or later

Steps to Join PlayStation Party Chat on PC

You can access your PS5 or PS4 console via your PC, play remotely, and engage in voice chat with the PlayStation Remote Play app for Windows.

What you need for PS Remote Play:

  • A PS5 or a PS4 video game console
  • A PC with Windows 10 or 11 and at least a 7th-generation Intel Core processor
  • A DualSense or DualShock 4 wireless controller.
  • A USB cable for connecting the controller to your PC
  • Your PlayStation Network account credentials
  • An internet connection with speeds of at least 5 MB (uploads & downloads). You can visit to make sure.

Download & Install the PlayStation Remote Play on your PC

If you have the above-mentioned necessary pieces of equipment, then go to the PlayStation Remote Play page and download the software to your computer.

  • Double-click on the PlayStation Remote Play installation file and select Next.
  • Select Change to pick a folder for the file other than the default.
  • Select Install.

How To Set Up Your PS4 for Remote Play

After installing the PS Remote Play application on your PC, you need to activate Remote Play on your PS4 console before you go for the next step.

  • Click the Up button and select the Settings option on the Function Screen
  • Select Remote Play Connection Settings
  • After that, select Remote Play and turn the switch on next to Enable Remote Play
  • Then go back to the Settings menu and select Account Management
  • Choose Activate as your Primary PS4 and turn on Activate
  • Again go back to Settings and select System, Power Saving, then Features Available in Rest Mode.
  • And then, enable Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning on PS4 from Network settings.

How to Start a Remote Play Session on a PC

Now, when the PlayStation Remote Play app is installed on your PC and your PS4 is all set up for Remote Play, it’s time to start a remote play gameplay session on Windows. Before proceeding, ensure your console is on or in Rest/Sleep Mode.

  • Open the PS Remote Play application on your PC and select Sign in to PSN (PlayStation Network). Then Sign in with your PSN account.
  • The PlayStation Remote Play application collects your usage data by default. Click Modify Setting to limit what you will share, or you can select Confirm and Continue if you’re fine with it.
  • Then you will have to choose the Settings option and adjust the frame rate and video resolution. Lower-graphic settings are recommended if your internet speed is slow. You will have to ensure that all the settings are optimized per your PC hardware.
  • You must ensure that your PlayStation and the PC are on the same Wi-Fi network. Now select the console type to connect to—PS4 (or any other if you have any).
  • Connect the PS4 controller to your PC with a USB cable.

You can connect it wirelessly by pressing the PlayStation and then the Share buttons on your controller. (In case you have a laptop).

How to Join/start a PlayStation Party Chat on PC

Now you should see the PlayStation user interface within the PlayStation Remote Play app for PC. You can interact with it using your DualShock or DualSense controller. When your PS4 and PC are perfectly synchronized, you may create or join a PlayStation Party Chat. Here is how:–

  • On your PS Remote Play app, look for a microphone sign at the bottom of the computer screen. You can use the voice-chat option by clicking on it. In your PS4, unmute the Microphone icon.
  • Click the Up button on the PS4, go to Settings, then choose Devices and Audio devices.
  • Set your Input Device and Output Device to Remote Play Device.
  • Then you need to go back to the Home Screen, click the Up button again, and choose Party.
  • You can select a party to join, or you can select the Start Party option to start a new party on your PS4.

How To Change Audio Input Device on your PC

Your PC or Windows device will attempt to use the built-in microphones on the wireless controller. Your device will do that by default but if that does not happen, you will have to switch to the microphones on your computer. Here is how:–

  • Right-click the Start menu and click Settings
  • Select System and then Sound
  • Scroll down to find the Input section and choose your PC’s internal or external microphones

What Can Be Done in a PS Remote Play Session

In a PlayStation Remote Play session for Windows:-

  • You can turn off the TV the PS4 is connected to; the console will still stream to the computer.
  • You can play PlayStation games remotely. Share Screen and Share Play will not work when you are remotely playing.
  • Go to the PS Remote Play app and select the Fullscreen icon to play in full-screen mode.
  • Minimize the PlayStation Remote Play window, and now you can chat with your gaming partners while doing other things.

How To End a PS4 Remote Play Session

To end a PS Remote Play Session, you need to exit from the PS Remote Play app. Then, check the box next to Put the connected console in rest mode (optional), and click OK.

Open the PS Remote Play app, select the console, and then you will be ready to reconnect to your PlayStation remotely. You can select Other connections if you want to choose another console you own.

Why PS Party Chat is Better than Other Chatting Apps?

You might think that a PlayStation Party Chat is better than other apps like Discord. Here are some facts about why this is better:–

  • The Party Chat will not force a significant load on your PC while streaming the game as it is specifically designed to be used with the PlayStation Remote Play’s streaming function, unlike apps like Discord.
  • You can be sure that it will not affect the quality of the stream of your gameplay. It will not put you at any disadvantage during a multiplayer game session by lagging.
  • Sony PlayStation Remote Play officially supports the application, so the brand has optimized it accordingly. That’s why the PlayStation Party Chat feature is recommended rather than any other third-party app.

That’s about it! We hope our simple yet detailed guide helped you through your problems and doubts. For any additional questions, queries, or feedback you can comment below.

Happy Virtual Partying!

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