How To Keep AirPods Pro From Falling out

Do you prefer the look, feel, and sound of your AirPods but facing trouble from them falling out? Instead of creating a product that can accept various size tips for different ears, Apple has restricted itself to a one-size-fits-all pattern. A good point to note here is that the outer part of the eardrum, whereby the fittings of the AirPods are not the same size for all. This means either the AirPods remain there in your ears or they do not. Now take an instance whereby the AirPods are slowly and steadily falling out of your ears till you can hear the sound barely. Then before you can catch them, they fall. This problem is frustrating, especially when you are sweating, exercising, or, say, just moving around your head.

This issue was somewhat corrected with the new AirPods pro, which comes with an in-canal design equipped with three sets of replaceable tips for large, medium, and small ear canal sizes. What can be the perfect fit for your ear can be determined by conducting an ear tip fit test. However, those using the regular AirPods will still face this dilemma, even the 3rd generation AirPods that come with a short stem. If you have yet to give up on the idea of having AirPods, here are some of the tricks you can try to keep AirPods Pro from falling out.

How to keep AirPods Pro from falling out:

  1. Twist the AirPods

This is an old but gold trick, as it is usually said. Most people simply stick the AirPods right in their ears with the AirPod stem simply pointing down. But that certainly keeps them pretty loose and ensures they slip out. You can place the AirPods in the ears and simply twist them around 30 degrees so that the stem is horizontal enough and just sticks out from your ears. While this trick might not prove good for all, it is definitely worth trying.

  1. Cut and paste some waterproof tape

This is a DIY method to keep your AirPods right in place in your ears. Get some Waterproof tape as it is durable and sticky. The next thing you need is a regular hole punch for cutting some circular pieces or, say, a scissor to cut rectangular strips of tape.

Stick one piece of the tape at the bottom and another on the top of each earbud, whereby the AirPods go into your ears. Once you place the AirPods in your ears, move them around, exercise, or go jogging. Your AirPods should be there in your ears. And the best part is that the AirPods will even fit into the charging case with the tape on.

  1. Setex Earbud Grips

Instead of cutting and putting adhesive tapes, you will find it easy to buy some stick-on grips. There are adhesive grips for AirPods by Setex available at a reasonable price which you can get and fix on the AirPods following the instructions. This will ensure a tight fit for the AirPods in your ear.

Remember that placing the grips in a comfortable and right location calls for little extra care and time. Once you are done with the job, the Airpods will readily sit there in your ears. In addition, you can effectively put them into the charging case with the grips fastened.

  1. Anti-slip Silicone Soft sports covers

You can find a number of cases and covers to make sure that your AirPods stay intact in your ears, and fortunately, there are many covers that you do not have to remove when putting the AirPods back into the charging case. However, there are certain tricks you may encounter when putting the covers on the AirPods, which is solely due to their design.

All you have to do is stretch them enough to ensure they are attached to them but not rip them off. This is a one-time affair; they will stay on for a long time if you ensure to use them with care.

  1. Silicone Ear Hooks Cover

Silicone Ear Hooks covers are very much compatible with Apple EarPods and AirPods. Slipping over the AirPods, each cover comes with a small hook that hangs and catches onto your ear to keep them in place. The covers come with all the necessary cutouts, so they do not end up interfering with the operation or sound of the AirPods.

  1. AirPod Grips

The AirPod Grips make use a big plastic hook to wrap around your ear. While the design might look bulky and big, they can be set up easily and quickly. All you have to do is just slide the stem of the Airpods right into the hollow stem of the AirPod grips, followed by simply wrapping the larger hook right around your ear, and that is all. The grip keeps the AirPods in place, and you can work comfortably without worrying about them falling out.

Wrapping Up

If you are struggling with wearing your AirPods and wondering how to keep AirPods Pro from falling out, select one of your preferred options from this list and enjoy listening to your favorite music anytime.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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