keep your location in one place in Life360 app

Like any other GPS, Life 360 also tracks your every movement, including your location. If you want to hide your whereabouts and keep your location in one place in Life360 app, you can follow the methods mentioned in this article.

Methods to keep your location in one place in Life360 app

Turning Wi-Fi and Cellular Data Off

It is an internet-based application, and if you shut off your internet connection, the app gets disabled. Here, iPhone users will enjoy some privilege as they can only turn the cellular data off for the Life360 app without losing connections to other applications. They can do it by using the settings application. Android users will need to find another way out, as turning off your Wi-Fi and cellular data will also cut the connection of other applications.

Keep Your Location in One Place by Spoofing Your Location

You can try to spoof your location by using a VPN such as an express VPN or a fake location app. Using express VPN can be a better option as the fake location apps are usually costly and have a complex interface.

Use a Burner Phone

It is probably the oldest method to get out of this situation. It means you need to have two phones, and the burner device would have Life360 installed on it. So, no need to do any tricks. Leave your burner phone where you want and take the other one with you.

Disable Background App Refresh in Life360

As this application uses your device’s GPS, turning off background app refresh will make sure that your location will not be updated when the Wi-Fi is off.

Tap on the settings app of your device and navigate to Life 360

Enter the application menu and hit the button corresponding to the background app refresh, and toggle it off.

Many devices have this feature under battery savings mode

In that case, you need to go to the settings menu and go to battery settings

Tap on device care and turn off the background app refresh.

Turning off Location and Motion

It is the easiest way to keep your location in one place, as while doing this, you don’t need to turn off your Wi-Fi or cellular data. Just disable the motion and location tracking on your device. It is always advisable to toggle off the background app refresh after turning off the location.

You can also set the location to ask next time. By doing this, the app will send you a pop-up message before starting tracking you.

Enabling Battery Saving Mode

Turn battery saver or low power mode on your device. Make here to disable background app refresh to ensure that your location is not getting tracked.

Disabling Drive Detection in Life360

You can keep your location at one place using drive detection in Life 360. It will not only just keep you in one place but will also prevent the application from tracking your movement and location. For doing this:

Open the Life360 application and select the settings option

Tap on the drive detection option that you will be able to find above the FAQs

Tap the button in the next window to toggle off the feature

There is only one negative side of using this method: other members of your circle will know that you have disabled drive detection.

In the application, there is also another option to disable location sharing. You can toggle off that option from the settings menu.

(Note- if you have a few different circles, you need to repeat this process for each one)

Uninstall the Life360 App

One of the safest ways for doing this is undoubtedly uninstalling the app Life 360. When you uninstall the app, it will show your last location. But, you will have to reinstall it for continuing location sharing.


Life360 is an amazing and trustworthy app to track location. But, in case you need to take a break without making your circle aware of that, you can try any of the methods mentioned above .

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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