How to Leave a Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a default application that is opted by many company employees for the current work-from-home scenario. You can use Microsoft Teams on phone and computer for seamless meetings and conferences. To join the Microsoft Teams team, you need to accept the invitation via mail or get imported from a Microsoft 365 group. You can also add another person from the active directory services.

To join a Microsoft Teams team, you need to sign in to the Microsoft Teams. A license will be allotted to you after creating your account, and when you sign with your login credentials using the following, you will become a part of a team. So, it is pretty simple to join a Microsoft Teams team.

But how to leave a Microsoft Teams team? Here is a small guide for leaving a team –

How to Leave a Microsoft Teams?

After signing in to your account in Microsoft Teams, you have to enter the team code to become a part of the team. But, after leaving the team, you will not be able to join the team again. So, make sure there is no need to join the Microsoft Teams team again. You can re-join the team by using a valid invite link sent by an active team member.

Steps to Leave a Microsoft Teams Team Using Mobile and Desktop?

If you want to leave the team by using a desktop, you need to follow these steps –

  1. Open Microsoft Teams
  2. Log in to your account by which you joined in the first place
  3. Locate the “Teams” tab from the left side of the Microsoft Teams window
  4. Tap on the three-dot icon next to the team
  5. Select the “Leave the Team” option
  6. Select OK when a pop-up shows for the confirmation
  7. Then you will be successfully removed from that particular team

Can I use Microsoft Teams on My Phone and Computer at The Same Time?

Generally, people join a meeting from a particular device. But what if you get a chance to join the meeting also from your phone. Yes, you can now join meeting from two devices simultaneously by using Microsoft Teams phone and computer companion mode.

How to Use Microsoft Teams from Mobile to Laptop?

With the companion mode, you can join a meeting from your laptop. While you are in the meeting, open your mobile and click on the option “join to share content from this device”. When you choose the meeting, your mobile will join as a secondary device because Microsoft Teams knows you are already joined from a device. Many employees ask a common question: how can I use Microsoft Teams on two devices? Here is your guide on how to use two devices while you are in the same meeting.

  • Join from Your Desktop and Share Audio/Video from Your Mobile:

Great use of the companion mode is to share secondary audio or video from your mobile device. Using a mobile during a meeting is flexible as you can move to any place at any time.

  • Present Files to a Meeting from Your Mobile:

If you are using Office 365 for your document storage, you can access your OneDrive for business and SharePoint documents from your mobile. This extends to Microsoft Teams so, and you can use the option to Share a File and select the presentation from the recently opened documents.

If you have joined the meeting room from the desktop, you can join the meeting room using companion mode to present a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Use Microsoft Teams Mobile App for Meeting Call Controls:

Microsoft Teams is a handy app, but the one big problem is you cannot use multiple windows. To eliminate this problem, join the meeting from your secondary device and control the participants’ calls.


Microsoft Teams companion mode is not essential for every meeting, but it is important while sharing audio/video or presentation. And one thing you need to remember about leaving the Microsoft Teams team. If you are the team owner, you cannot leave the team. To do so, you have to pick another team member as an owner of the team and try the steps mentioned earlier.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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