Limit The Number Of Podcasts Stored

Podcasts are series or collections of audio files which can be downloaded. They can be heard later whenever an individual is free. Once downloaded, podcast episodes can be accessed without the internet. They are interactive, fun, and tempting.

But suppose you are a subscriber to many shows that regularly release new episodes, especially when you cannot listen to them at the same speed as their release. In that case, the space in your iPhone or iPad can quickly fill up with the podcasts.

Videos, music, and pictures all require space in your phone, and having podcasts fill up the space makes the situation an alarming one. Luckily, Apple has understood this issue and has come out with a solution to this problem in their iOS 15.5 update.

The Latest iOS 15.5 Update

The iOS 15.5 update from Apple has included certain options for the Podcasts app (Apple’s official Podcast app) that allow you to limit the number of podcasts stored on your iPhone or iPad.

The Options Available in iOS 15.5 Update for Podcast Users

The update allows Apple users to download and keep just the latest episode of their favorite show or the latest 2, 3, 5, or 10 episodes of a certain show. A similar option allows you to limit the downloads completely to the ones that have been published in the recent days, or you could just select the option of 30 days. The update also gives the users who have ample space on their iPhone or iPad the option to download and keep all the episodes they like.

Steps to Limit the Number of Podcasts Stored on Your iPhone or iPad

For users to have access to the above options, they must update their device to iOS 15.5 or later if available. Once the phone has been updated, you can proceed with limiting the podcast downloads as below:

  • On your iPhone or iPad open Settings
  • Locate Podcasts and tap on it
  • The screen will have several options scroll down to Automatic Downloads
  • Under the Automatic Downloads section, tap on Automatically Downloaded, which is turned to OFF by default
  • You will have a list of options to choose from – you can make your selection here
  • The options include:

-Latest Episode Per Show

-2 Latest Episodes Per Show

-3 Latest Episodes Per Show

-5 Latest Episodes Per Show

-10 Latest Episodes Per Show

-Last 24 hours

-Last 7 Days

-Last 30 Days

-All New Episodes

Once you have made the selection, exit the screen to save the changes.

Remember: Once the episodes go over your set limit, they will automatically be removed from your iPhone or iPad device. However, this is not applicable to the podcast episodes you have downloaded manually or saved on your device. If there are certain podcast shows for which you have personalized certain settings, then the above options selected will not affect them.

Now, you don’t have to worry about podcast episodes taking up the space on your iPhone or iPad. Follow the instructions above and limit the number of podcasts that you can have on your device.

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