how to lock apps on Android

Smartphones these days have been well equipped with security features that help you keep your details safe. There are many people who don’t like to draw a pattern or use fingerprint to access their phones and therefore keep them unlocked. However, this keeps your phone open and accessible to everyone. While you may be ok with your phone open, you may not be comfortable with others looking into your personal messages or pictures.

Such times require your apps to be locked so when your phone is being used by someone they are restricted to using it just for what they have actually borrowed your phone for. Here is a quick guide on how to lock apps on Android phones.

Methods to lock apps on Android phones

Method 1-  Lock Apps With the Help of Other Apps

Smart App Protector – You can download this app from the Play Store and the launch it.

  • The default password that is stored in the app is 7777 which can be changed in Settings under the option Lock Type of this app.
  • Now add the apps that you wish to secure on your phone by clicking on the Add button.
  • Once you have selected the apps that you wish to lock from the list provided click on Add. The selected apps will now be password protected.
  • Now, whenever you wish to access the app, you need to type the password to access it.

There are other similar apps available on Play Store that can be downloaded on your smartphone to protect the apps.

Method 2- How to put a password on apps on Samsung Smartphones

Those who have Samsung smartphones can also make use of a Secure Folder that has been provided in the phone. Here is how to lock apps on Samsung:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on Lock Screen and Security

how to lock apps on Android

  • Scroll down and tap on Secure Folder and Start
  • You will have to log in to your Samsung account
  • Now tap on the blank circle to select the Secure Folder Lock Type. You have password, PIN, and pattern to pick from.
  • Go to Secure Folder and click on More Options(3 dots) and enable the Show Secure Folder. This will create a shortcut for the Secure Folder on the screen, and you can easily access it.
  • If you don’t enable this option, you will have to access the Secure Folder only through the Settings.
  • You can now move the apps that you wish to keep safe in this folder. You can also download new apps from the Play Store directly.
  • Remember to click on Lock every time you exit the Folder this way only you will be able to access the Secure Folder and check your app notifications after entering the password/PIN/Pattern.

Follow the above two methods to lock the apps on your smartphone.


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