Make your iPhone Louder

Imagine playing a good song on your iPhone, but you cannot feel the music because your iPhone is not loud enough. It can be quite irritable sometimes. Usually, iPhone models come with excellent onboard speakers. They are loud enough to play games or watch a movie. But sometimes, when these models get older, their sound quality also gets weaker. And then you wish the sound of your iPhone speakers were a little louder. Here are some tricks that can make your iPhone louder.

7 ways to make your iPhone louder:

You can change your iPhones EQ settings to make it louder:

The easiest way you can make your iPhone even louder and play loud music on it is by changing your iPhones EQ settings. You can change EQ settings even when you are playing music. Almost every music app has its own equalizer settings in the build. If your iPhone is not that loud, that can only mean that your iPhone’s EQ settings are “off” by default. Here’s how you can change your iPhone’s EQ settings.

Go to the settings app > select music > EQ settings > choose late night. You can also choose Hip Hop on loudness as per your requirement. Once you have chosen the settings, go to any music app and play a song and you will hear the difference.

Turn off the iPhone’s Volume Limiter for more volume:

Another reason why your iPhone speakers are not that loud is that iPhones usually have a volume limit. This is a default feature to protect your ears from loud noises. Usually, you can turn off this option from the settings app. Here are the steps-

  1. Go to the settings app.
  2. Then open music.
  3. Select Volume Limit.
  4. Now, simply disable the volume limit option.

Once it’s done, your speaker will be a little louder.

Wrap your hand around the iPhone’s speaker:

This trick is really effective. Just wrap your hand around the speaker when you listen to music. It will divert the sound towards you instead of spreading it around the room.

Put your iPhone in an empty bowl to make it loud:

This one is another life hack for your iPhone speakers to make them sound louder. It’s simple, really. Just get an empty bowl, put your iPhone in the middle of it, and make sure that you have put the speakers downwards. The glass bowl will help to create an echo chamber for the sound to amplify.

Just turn your iPhone upside down:

It’s common sense. Speakers are on the bottom of your iPhone. So when you turn it upside down, you will hear the sound more clearly. Sometimes, people use phone stands to play music or watch a movie. In that case, the sound will go towards the table, and you will not get the maximum volume. So when you are turning your iPhone speakers upside down, you’ll get the maximum volume effects.

Turn your speakers toward walls:

This one is a bit tricky. Take your scales and place your iPhone on a table in a way that the speaker will face the wall at a 45 degrees angle. It will enable the sound to bounce back off the wall’s surface and make the sound louder.

Clean Your Speaker Grills:

If nothing works for you and your speakers are still not loud enough, you need to clean your iPhone’s speaker grills. Sometimes, speaker grills get locked with dust over time. You can simply blow into them to remove all the dust. Another way is to use a thin sewing needle. However, it is a very risky way and can damage your speakers. So this is not recommended but if you still want to do it, do it at your own risk.

That is all. These all tips can help you for making your iPhone speakers louder. If you are still not satisfied with the volume of your speakers, you can simply visit an Apple Store and ask for help to clean your speaker grills, or you can change your speakers.

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