Make Bows And Arrows In Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most loved and exciting video game series that people of every age can play. In this game series, one can craft several kinds of items from the simplest things. Arrows are an important part of this game as these help players to deal with enemies. If you are having issues crafting bows and arrows in Minecraft, In this article, you can find your answers. Bows and arrows are relatively easy to fight with, and also they are easy to craft. One can even enchant these elements according to requirements. Let’s know how we can make bows and arrows in Minecraft.

Ways to make bows and arrows in Minecraft:

Making the bow 

  1. Make sure to have a crafting table.
  • You can make a crafting table by placing a block of wood in the 2×2 grafting area or making four wooden planks.
  • Keep the crafting table on the ground, and it will show in a 3×3 grid, in which most of the items are usually made.
  • You can also find a crafting table in villages
  1. Make sure you have your materials

For making a bow, you will need different elements. The required elements are mentioned below

  • You’ll need 3 Sticks, and for making the sticks, you would need wooden planks.

First, you have to get wood, and then, from that wood, make the planks, and after that, make the sticks from the planks

  • 3 strings

To get the strings, you can kill spiders. Usually, a spider drops zero to 2 strings at a time, and that’s why you will need to kill more than one spider to get the string.

You can also search a mine for spider web and break it to get the string.

  1. Craft the bow

To start with crafting a bow, you have to put your sticks on the crafting table in the triangle pattern mentioned below.

  • First, place one stick in the middle of the upper 1/3 of your crafting table grid
  • Then, place one stick on the right in the middle 1/3 of your crafting table grid
  • Again place one stick in the middle in the bottom 1/3 of your crafting table grid

To finish crafting a bowl, you have to add the strings on the crafting table in the following straight-line pattern mentioned below

  • First, take three strings that you have and make a straight line descending down the left of the grid.
  • Now, you just have to craft your bow by clicking on the craft button, and then the raw materials will turn into a bow.

Make Bows In Minecraft

There are many enchantments that you can add to your bow. Let’s be clear about what enchantments you can use on your weapon.

  • Unbreaking

This is a very useful enchantment that is used to increase the durability of that item. You will get three levels to choose from, and each level will give you more durability than the previous one. Besides the bow, you can add this to other tools and armors as well.

  • Mending

This enchantment allows you to mend it using the XP you have gained. If needed, you can hold it off-hand while mining for using the XP to restore the item. The dropped XP can also help you repair your bow while killing the mobs. 

  • Infinity

As the name says, this enchant will allow you to shoot an infinite number of arrows, but you would need at least one arrow of any type in your inventory. Once you use the arrow, the bow will automatically continue shooting the same kind of arrow numerous times until the bow breaks.

  • Flame

This enchant will allow your bow to shoot flaming arrows every time, no matter which tipped arrow you use. This enchant will add a flame of fire to that arrow.

  • Power

This enchant is related to the damage dealt by the mob. It comes with five enchantment levels, and the first level adds 50% damage. The damage increases by 25% at each level.

  • Punch

This enchant allows you to add a kickback effect with that bow. Every time you use your bow, it will push the enemy back. The enchant pushes the enemies three blocks behind, and with each upgrade, the distance increases by three blocks.

  • Curse of Vanishing 

It is not an enchant that you would love to use, as this enchant makes things disappear when the player dies. So, in case you have a cursed bow, you will lose it forever after your death.

Making arrows 

Now, it’s time to learn to make arrows on Minecraft.

Ensure you have your materials. For crafting an arrow, you will need:

  • 1 Stick

You can get the stick by turning the wood blocks into wooden planks and then turning the wooden planks into the sticks you need.

  • 1 Flint

This element can be found by mining gravel. Usually, grave blocks drop when mining gravel, but there is a 10% chance that you will get a piece of flint.

  • 1 Feather

You can find feathers by killing chickens.

Now, let’s see how we can craft arrows

Arrange all your items in a straight line on your crafting table in the way mentioned below

  • First, place one flint in the middle of the upper 1/3 of your crafting table
  • Keep one stick in the middle of the middle 1/3 of your crafting table grid,
  • Lastly, place one feather in the middle of the middle 1/3 of your crafting table grid.
  • Now, as the final step, you just have to click on the craft button to turn the materials into an arrow.

Make Arrows In Minecraft

Tipped Arrows in Minecraft

While talking about arrows in Minecraft, if we don’t talk about tipped arrows, the discussion would not be completed. They are the special types of arrows that are instilled with different potions. There are 16 different arrows that you can use to defeat your enemy. They are

  • Arrow of Harming
  • Arrow of Healing
  • Arrow of Leaping
  • Arrow of Poison
  • Arrow of Regeneration
  • Arrow of Strength
  • Arrow of Slowness
  • Arrow of Weakness
  • Arrow of Night Vision
  • Arrow of Fire Resistance
  • Arrow of Invisibility
  • Arrow of Water Breathing
  • Arrow of Turtle Master
  • Arrow of Swiftness
  • Arrow of Slow Falling (Java Edition Exclusive)
  • Arrow of Decay (Bedrock Edition Exclusive)

The process of crafting these arrows is slightly different from the process of crafting normal arrows. Let’s know.

How to craft Tipped Arrows in Minecraft?

For crafting tipped arrows, firstly, one must prepare the potion the player wants to use. Let’s get familiar with the complete process of crafting these arrows with an example of crafting the harming arrow. To craft this arrow, you must prepare the lingering potion of harming.

How to craft a lingering potion of harming?

  • You will need to brew your potion of harming at the desired level. You will need a fermented spider eye for that purpose.
  • Brew it to make a splash potion of harming.

Put the dragon’s breath in the brewing stand and wait until the white bar is full. When your splash potion turns into a lingering potion, the dragon’s breath will disappear.

Note – You can get the dragon’s breath after completing a fight with the Ender dragon. Just take the empty bottles as much as possible and when the dragon hits you with a projectile, make sure to collect the purple gas that you would be able to see around that impact area. Now, you will have the dragon’s breath in your inventory for crafting tipped arrows.

Craft the arrow 

  • For crafting a tipped arrow, you have to fill all the spaces of the crafting table GUI except the middle space with a normal arrow.
  • Now, you have to place the lingering potion of harming in the middle of the arrow.
  • After that, it will yield you eight arrows of harming.

You can use the same process to craft different potions and use them to get the tipped arrows with the same characteristics as the potion. Arrows of harming are the arrows that can do the most damage to the mobs. It will allow you to deal 6 points of damage to your enemies, and if you use harming II, it will deal 12 points of damage.

On the other hand, arrows that are crafted using Awkward, Mundane, or Thick potions will behave like regular arrows as they don’t have any effect.

Ending words 

Hope you have got the answers to your queries, and now, you will be able to craft the bows and arrows in Minecraft properly. Happy gaming.

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