How to Make Computer Louder

Usage of media on Laptops, PCs, smartphones and other all smart devices is increasing day by day. Sometimes we go through some minor issues related to media and these issues ruin our entertainment or some official media tasks.

A very common and important part of your computer system is audio of your computer. Sometimes we experience several minor problems related to the audio of your computer or laptop like the following:

  • the volume will become suddenly low
  • volume is settled at a peak but not enough for proper listening
  • normalization issues

while this is an absolutely very disturbing stage but it does not mean to buy a new branded speaker in regards to a solution. These are minor issues and can be solved easily by following tips & tricks.

These are general tips for all versions of windows (Windows 7/8/8.1/10)

1)  Set a sound level Volume Mixer

Sometimes we have a 100 % volume of our media player but the sound is not enough to listen. Here the problem is that there are two volume levels.

How to Make Computer Louder

  1. i.    Only for a media player
  2. Device volume level (all other volumes depend on it)

we will remain in trouble of low volume if the Main sound level is at high but the media level is at low or media-level is at a high but the Main sound level is low. By setting both of these at high we can enjoy an effective sound level. Let’s examine it visually

Firstly, select the volume mixer at the right most of the bottom of Computer Screen by following steps

  • Go down to the Taskbar
  • Right Click on an icon of “Speaker”
  • Choose “Open Volume Mixer”

How to Make Computer Louder

 in the above picture, the level of media cannot get exceed above the device sound level

Now start balancing the levels of Device-level and media sound level and take both of them at high to get the 100 % volume of Computer

How to Make Computer Louder

And it is done. Now you can enjoy the high sounds of the Computer.

2) Loudness Equalization / Normalization of Sound Volume

If your volume level is uncertain/inconsistent then don’t you need to worry, it is the best turn to apply this Mode. It will balance your audio playback sound. You can Apply this setting by the following sequence…

press windows logo the key then types control panel and hit Enter

How to Make Computer Louder

A new window will appear on the screen. You have to select “Hardware and Sound” >> then select the option “Sound” in the list

How to Make Computer Louder

A new window will appear then double click on speakers and then again, a new window will appear.

Choose the Enhancement Tab located in Main Bar. Then check the box of Loudness Equalization and click apply.

Here it is done, Enjoy the best Stabilize audio.

3) Low Volume Feature

This feature states: When other Communication actions are performed then it reduces the volume of Speaker automatically. Like in online games, players can talk to their teammates it can be considered as a communication activity that decreases the volume of the game automatically. There are four categories in this feature which are following 

1.Mute all other sounds

2.Reduce the volume of other sounds by 80%

3.Reduce the volume of other sounds by 50%

4. Do nothing

we have to check that if speaker sound volume is affecting by other communication activities then we can easily apply this feature according to our needs.

Go to the Same setting as above for Loudness equalization but one step is less. let’s see

 choose the 4th one in the Main Bar of this window

You can choose any option according to your needs and desire…

4) Update Audio Drivers

If your sound is too low in Windows 10, you will have to update the drivers related to the audio input. Maybe this method will solve your problem. because sometimes drivers will be corrupted.

Press Window logo + X key

Then select the “device manager”

And update the following

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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