Measure height using the iPhone 12 Pro

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro LIDAR sensor has some cool camera features. It helps to find the dimension of a room or even turns the real-world objects into 3D models. It also boasts of a new feature to measure someone’s height by using the Measure app on the iPhone. With the help of the app, camera, and the LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) scanner you can measure a person’s height from a distance also. You can easily measure the person’s height by holding the phone in front of the person. You can even measure the person’s height if the person is sitting on a chair. Because of the presence of LIDAR, it enhances augmented real experience. But how? Read on to know the process to measure height using the iPhone 12 Pro.

How to Measure Height using the iPhone 12 Pro

Here are a few simple steps to measure a person’s height with your iPhone 12 Pro help.

Using your iPhone 12 Pro, launch the Measure app on your device. You can even use this app on iPhone 12 Pro Max

With the help of the camera’s viewfinder, locate the person whose height you want to measure. The person can either be seated or even standing. Ensure that the complete body of the person is visible within the frame of the camera

Hold a few seconds, a line will be seen on the top of the person’s head, and will the height measurement.

To take a picture of the measurement shown, click on the Shutter button located on the right of the central plus button.

You can even save the picture by clicking on the screenshot showing at the mobile screen’s bottom-left corner.

Click Done and select Save to Photos or select Save to Files.

If you wish to retake the measurement, just turn the iPhone away for a few seconds. It will reset the height.

You can switch the measurement between the imperial and the metric. Go to Settings and select Measure. Select your preference in the Measure Units option.

Can I take Multiple Measurements using the iPhone 12 Pro Or Pro Max?

It is possible to take multiple measurements using your iPhone 12 Pro.

After you finish taking the first measurement, move your phone to locate the dot over the other location or near the other object.

Click on the Add button to start taking the second measurement. Move the phone to hold the dot somewhere through the existing measurement.

Click again on the Add button, and the second measurement will appear.

You can repeat the above steps to enable you to take as many measurements as you like.

Click on the Undo button if you wish to remove the recent measurement. To enable to start over completely, click on Clear.

Can we Measure a Rectangle by using iPhone 12 Pro device?

If you want to measure an object that is either a rectangle or square, the device will automatically place a measurement box around the rectangle or the square object.

  • Click on the Add button, and the measurement will appear with the object’s length and width.
  • If you slightly move your device, you can even view the calculated area of the object.
  • By tapping on the calculated area, you can even check the diagonal length and the area in square inches or square meters.

The LiDAR feature is incredibly cool. It is the perfect example of where the LIDAR technology will go in a few years. You will be impressed with the complete experience. Imagine the future of technology, where you just phone your iPhone at someone’s feet and get recommendations on the shoe size that will fit best.

So, this is how to measure height using the iPhone 12 Pro.

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