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Working on a Portable Document Format or PDF sometimes seems to be tricky or difficult especially when you are dealing with Multiple Documents. In this article, we will tell you How to merge or Split PDF into One Documents in PC or Mac?

There are occasions when you need to combine or split the documents in the PDF. Whether you are building up your profile or you just need to minimize the number of files. You need to merge different files into one and it seems difficult to a lot of users.

The most popular software to deal with the PDF is Adobe Acrobat reader but it is a paid tool. You have to pay at least $13 on a monthly basis for the subscription. Here we will tell you how you can do it for free. There are some tools available that will help you for free and work on both Windows and Mac.

So here’s the Method through which you can merge your PDF documents into one on Windows or Mac.

How to Merger PDF on Windows:

On the Windows computer, you need a tool from the third-party developer. There are many tools available but the best among them is PDF Merger & Splitter from a company called Anywaysoft. You can easily download it for free from their website or through Microsoft store.

You can follow the steps below to find out How you will use it.

  • After downloading the app, open it, and choose between Merge or Split. If your requirement is to merge the documents then choose the first one which you need to be at the top.
  • Now click to ad PDF to select the second document. You have the ability to choose as many documents as you want. The app also gives you the option to rearrange the documents after selecting. There is a preview option that will help you see the final result before saving it.
  • When you arrange the documents according to your need then select merge and then name the documents and save it.

IF at some position, you need to rearrange the merged documents then you have to split it first. To split them open the document in the app and select split. You have to select the pages or select the page range you want to split. Then save it as a PDF file.

How to Merger PDF on MAC:

For MAC users, Apple provides a built-in tool baked in the operating system. Read more at Apple Support.

You can use the tool by the following method:

  • Open the PDF documents in the Preview in MAC
  • Select View and then select thumbnail, you have the page thumbnail at the sidebar.
  • Just select the thumbnail of the PDF document where you want to merge or insert the other document.
  • Click the edit button, select Insert, and then select the page from the file. If the page which you are going to select from the file is dimmed at the moment then you can not select it. Because there are some encrypted PDF documents that will not be able to merge, Apple says. If that error occurs, then you have to check the file permission from the tools of that file. To check file permission select tools then select Show Inspector and then click the lock icon.
  • Now select the PDF documents you want to merge and click on open.
  • Then select the file and select Export to PDF. The files will be saved.

If you want to combine the parts of one PDF to another, here the way through which you can do it.

  • Open that PDF document you want to merge in the Preview section.
  • Select view and then select thumbnail. You will see the thumbnail of each document in the preview sidebar.
  • Hold the command key for the few seconds and after that choose the page thumbnail of the documents you want to merge with another. Release the command key.
  • Use the mouse pointer and drag the thumbnail which you selected towards the preview sidebar of the second ODF documents. Release that document at the position where you want to add it.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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