Move iOS 15 Safari's Address Search Bar

iOS 15 has introduced several exciting features for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users, including a redesigned Safari browsing experience with a new bottom tab bar. However, few users are not thrilled with this specific change and are wondering how to move iOS 15 Safari’s address search bar to the top.

But don’t fret. Because the bottom tab bar is simply a default setting and you can switch back to the single tab at the top any time. Once you change the settings, the Safari search bar will look almost like it did in the previous versions.

Here, we will discuss a step-by-step guide to help you move iOS 15 Safari’s address search bar. So, let’s begin.

Ways To Move iOS 15 Safari’s Address Search Bar Back To Top on iPhone

iOS 15 provides two ways to move the Safari’s address search bar to the top of your device. Have a look at both the ways below.

Method 1: Directly from the browser

It is convenient to move the address bar, as you can do it directly from the browser.

Launch Safari on your iOS device

Visit any site in Safari address search bar on iOS 15

Then click on the AA icon from the left side of the address bar

Now, click on Show Top Address Bar in the pop-up menu.

After doing that, the address search bar will immediately move to the top of your device and stay like this.

Method 2: Using Settings

It is the most common method to find all the necessary browser settings in one place. Follow the steps to shift the Safari search bar to the top of your iPhone.

Launch your iPhone’s Settings

Then scroll down and click on Safari

Under the tabs, click on Single Tab

After that, open Safari, and you will find out that the address search bar has shifted to the top

How To Switch Back To The iOS 15 Safari’s Address Search Bar To The Bottom

If you have changed your mind or wish to set the Safari’s bottom address search bar again, here is how to switch back to the new iOS 15 design.

Launch the Safari app

Visit any website in Safari address search bar

Now click on AA from the top left corner of the address search bar

After that, click on Show Bottom Tab Bar

You can also control this design change in settings à Safari, under the Tabs section and select Tab Bar.

What Is The Landscape Tab Bar In Safari’s Settings?

Inside the Safari settings of iOS 15, you will see an option termed as Landscape Tab Bar, which is enabled by default. Once you rotate your iOS device in landscape mode and use Safari’s address search bar, you will notice all the open tabs on the top, just like you see on your PC.

You can turn off the Landscape Tab Bar any time from the settings. When you turn off the Landscape Tab Bar, you will see the thin band showing on top of your open tab is absent.

The Latest Safari Search Bar Redesign For Larger iPhones

iPhone screens are rising in size. And therefore, most Apple users are having difficulty reaching the top address search bar while using the iPhone one-handed. However, if you still like the earlier design of your Safari, you can change the settings instantly by using one of the above-mentioned steps.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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