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PS5 brings a lot of new advancements, and it can quite be difficult to understand them if you are new to the technicalities. Capturing important game moments is made very simple in PlayStation 5, and game lovers love capturing achievements and more. As far as the process of moving screenshots is concerned, it is pretty simple. Following the enlisted steps, you can effortlessly move PS5 screenshots to your phone and pc. So, let’s get right into it.

Steps To Move PS5 Screenshots To Your PC Or Laptop

You will need a USB drive and a charged laptop to initiate the transferring process. Try using a USB that is not used for personal or other purposes to prevent unnecessary issues like personal data loss, etc.

First, Get a USB drive that has enough space in it; an empty one would be ideal, and connect it to your PS5 console.

On your PS5, go to the small settings icon situated on the top right.

From the list of options shown, select ‘storage’.

After selecting storage, select ‘media gallery’ (this is where all your screenshots and video recordings are stored).

You will now have access to all your saved screenshots and videos. Select those that you wish to move. Now you have to press two squares and a check box to select multiple screenshots, and after doing so, there will be an option shown ‘copy to USB drive’, select it.

Select all the screenshots and videos you would like to move to your PC by clicking X on the controller.

Once all of the screenshots are stored in the USB drive, you can safely remove them from your PS5 console and connect it to the PC, and that’s it; You can now connect the USB drive to your PC and save all the screenshots taken.

Steps To Move PS5 Screenshots To Your Mobile Phone 

Moving screenshots to your phone is a little trickier and lengthier process. The following steps should help you move screenshots smoothly. The problem here is that you will have to bother a friend of yours since sending screenshots to mobile phones demands you create a party that cannot be created without a friend.

On your PS5, first select the screenshots that you wish to send.

You will see a ‘share’ option; click on it after selecting the screenshots. You cannot send the screenshots directly.

From the options shown, you will have to select ‘create a party’, and if you have an existing party, you can select it.

After creating the party, send the screenshots there and wait for a minute or two.

Open the PlayStation app on your phone. If you don’t have it already, now is the right time to download it from Play Store or Appstore. After downloading it, sign in with your PSN password and username.

After signing in, click on the chat section situated in the top left corner.

Now, look for the party you created because that’s where the screenshots are; after you find it click on the screenshot and look for the arrow on the bottom right. The screenshot will get


The steps provided will be of great help in moving screenshots to your devices, and as for now, these are the only ways of transferring files from PS5. There could be new updates in the coming days where the transferring process will be easier than now. If you are willing to transfer the screenshot to your mobile phone, make sure that you have a PSN account and the app downloaded on your mobile phone.

Experiencing difficulties with your Device, check out our “How To” page on how to resolve some of these issues.


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