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Microsoft Word is the most popular and used text editor and document creator in the world. But what if you don’t have Microsoft Word installed on your PC and you have to open a word file.

There are many instances that you received a word document through an email or a WhatsApp message, but you can’t open it because you have Microsoft Word installed on your devices. Instances such as installing the new windows OS or buying a new PC but you don’t have time to install Microsoft Word and you have to urgently open a document.

This article will tell you how you can open a word document without having Microsoft Word on your devices. You also don’t require to buy Office 365 subscription or purchase a Microsoft Office suite for this.

You can open a word document without Microsoft word in the following ways:


There is a built-in app on every Windows PC called WordPad. It is also a word editor but with very few features compared to Microsoft Word. You can open and document with the .doc and .docs extension in this word editor. It can also allow you to edit, delete or even create a simple document. Remember it will not offer full features like the Ms. Word so it is good for viewing the document. Editing documents in it might cause formatting issues.

If you are a Mac user then there is a built-in app on Mac called TextEdit which similar to WordPad in Windows. You can use it to view documents, even edit and create a document on it.

Apple also allows a user to have a quick look at the content of the document in macOS even if you don’t have Ms. Word installed on MacBook. Just select the document you want to view and hit the spacebar. You can skim the content of that document for a quick look.

Word Mobile:

This app is designed for touch screen Windows devices but users can use it on any Windows device. It is a free app and you can download it from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. It allows users to view the content of any Word document.

If you have an office 365 subscription then it will also let you edit the content of the document. It is also useful for editing content in it as it will not cause any formatting issues.

Libre Office:

Libre Office is a free and open-source app for creating documents. It is one of the best alternatives to the Microsoft Office Suite and the best part is that it is completely free.

Libre Office Writer is an alternative to Microsoft Word and it will let you do all the things that you can do on Ms. Word. You can create, view, and edit a document free of cost.

Open Office:

Here is another open-source and free tool to view, edit and create documents. It offers some features similar to Ms. Word and Libre’s office but it lacks some features that are available in both of its counterparts.

Word Online:

It is the web version of Microsoft Word and has fewer features than the original Ms. Word. It is completely free but can only be accessed through a web browser. To use it you have to create an outlook account and use that account for the sign-in. To view the file in it just upload the document file on OneDrive and double click the file to open the document in Word Online. It will allow you to create, view, and edit the file and you don’t have to worry about the formatting of the document.

Google Docs:

It comes under the Google Office suite and has similar functionality to Word Online and is also completely free. For this, you need a Google account (Gmail account) and need to upload a file on Google drive to open a file.

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