How To Pin Twitter Direct Messages

Do you use Twitter? If so, then you must have noticed that your old chats get way down at the bottom of your DM inbox. And sometimes, it’s hard to get those old chats. But do you know that there is a way to pin Twitter direct messages to the top of your inbox? Well, yes, it’s true. The latest update of Twitter comes with this amazing new feature where you can pin chats to the top of your inbox. However, this is only for official iOS apps and not for every device.

In the past, this feature was only available if you had paid for a Twitter Blue subscriber. Yes, that tiny blue tick beside your username. However, if you are Twitter’s official app user and using it on your iPhone or iPad, you can easily pin your favorite chat. By following a few steps, you can pin chats to the top of the inbox. You can also pin more than one conversation thread, and the maximum number of conversations you can pin in your Twitter account is 6. Now read here how to pin Twitter direct message on your iPhone and iPad.

How to pin Twitter direct message on your iPhone and iPad

If you have the older version of Twitter, go to your Play Store and update it to the latest version of the app.

Once you update your app, the feature will be automatically enabled, and now you can easily pin your favorite chats.

Now open the Twitter app from your iPhone or iPad and enter your DM inbox

After that, swipe rightwards on the chat you want to pin

Click on the blue pin button

And you’ll see that your favorite chat thread has moved to a new section at the top corner of your inbox saying pinned conversation

How to Pin Twitter Direct Messages via the Web?

Suppose you’re a Twitter user. Unfortunately, you don’t have an iPhone with you. You can simply access it from your web browser and still pin for and paint chats and conversations from your inbox. However, there may be chances that your favorite thread gets at the top bottom with all those chats. But now, there’s a solution where you can easily access your favorite conversation in your Twitter inbox.

The process of pinning a direct message via any web browser is also just the same as doing it via your iPhone.

How many DMs can you pin?

You can definitely pin more than one direct message at the top of your inbox list.

Currently, you can only pin 6 direct messages at a time.

When will pinnable DMs be available?

Nowadays, Twitter has become one of the most popular social media platforms. This latest feature of Twitter was launched on 17 February 2022.

And that’s all for this article. Hope from now you can easily pin your direct messages.

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