how to secure my android phone

Today, Android phones have become a very essential part of people’s lives. They use their smartphones for everything they do online, like shopping, buying groceries, ordering food from their favorite restaurants, making travel plans, booking movie tickets, doing business tasks, and so on. Basically, your phone carries lots of confidential information about you and your financial details. However, what many of the mobile users forget is that their phones can be hacked without proper protection. If you are having thoughts like how to secure my android phone, how to block hackers from my phone, and so on, here are a few ways through to make sure your phone isn’t hacked:

How To Make Sure Your Phone Isn’t Hacked?

Put a password or pin number to unlock the screen

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to protect your phone from theft and hackers. All you have to do is use a password or pin code to safeguard your phone. It can be very helpful but keep in mind to use the password or pin that you can remember otherwise you will be locked out of your own phone. You can also use pattern protection in case you have difficulty remembering the password. You can also lock individual apps on your phone like mobile wallets and other online shopping apps.

Never download any app from unreliable platforms

how to secure my android phone

When you are downloading an app from the internet, make sure that the source from where you are downloading the app on your phone is trustable such as Google Play Store. In addition, also see the reviews and ratings of the app before you download it. Apps from the wrong or unreliable sources can hurt the security and privacy of your phone and other personal details.

Add an Android device manager on your phone

Android Device Manager offers protection for your android phone by helping you locate your phone in case you have lost it. It also helps to lock or wipe your Android phone from a remote location in case it has been stolen or lost. Just connect your android smartphone with your Google account and you will be able to safeguard your phone until you have it back in your hands.

Get an antivirus for your android phone

If you have not heard of this before, an antivirus can protect your Android phone from Android viruses, and other unauthorized access. A majority of Android viruses can be found with apps form questioning sources. It might sound like a very obvious solution, but a very effective one. A right antivirus will protect your personal and confidential information from malicious intruders who might try to steal your information from your phone.

Try not to connect your android phone with Wi-Fi at public places

When you are out in the public places like a shopping mall, try not to use their Wi-Fi service as they might not be completely safe. In addition, also ensure that your android phone does not automatically connect to any Wi-Fi network found within range. It is better to keep the Wi-Fi settings off when you are not using it.


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