Enter iPhone Diagnostics mode

The most alluring part of being an Apple user is its evolving features and scheme for devices. Back in April, Apple launched a new iPhone Self Service Repair scheme for its devices i.e., Diagnostics Mode. If any problem arises with your iPhone, Apple’s online customer service will ask for your device usage information, provide analysis, and diagnose. Besides, if you visit an online store to resolve your phone’s issue, they will directly enter into diagnostics mode, which allows the apple’s engineer to detect any hardware or software failure. You must be wondering about getting all about this dark technology that only the Apple maintenance department is aware of. Here is the detailed process to enter iPhone Diagnostics mode.

Why is Diagnostic Mode used?

The iPhone diagnostic mode is used to detect the issues or any error in software or hardware functionality of the iPhone without unlocking the iPhone or knowing the locking password.

Usually, there are two kinds of Apple’s internal detection and diagnosis tools, i.e., the Diagnostic Network Tool and System File Diagnostic tool.

How to enter iPhone diagnostic mode?

First, press + hold either of the volume buttons or the power button of your Apple iPhone, and then wait for the power-off screen to appear.

Power off the smartphone by dragging the slider that appears on the screen.

Further, press and hold both the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons on your phone.

Plug the Lightning cable into the iPhone and connect the cable to the power adapter or a computer while pressing the volume buttons.

Once you see the Apple logo on the screen, release the buttons.

Finally, a message appears stating, “Diagnostics allow Apple to identify potential hardware and software issues with this device,” tap on the “Start Diagnostics” option.

Your iPhone now has entered Diagnostics Mode, and now you can continue with the Self Repair program on your smartphone.

Pro Tip: If you want to exit Diagnostic mode, simply press “End Diagnosis”.

Wrapping Up

The new scheme, which is currently being piloted in the US, is designed to allow customers to diagnose and fix problems with their devices without going through Apple Support.

Customers can access the scheme by visiting the iPhone Self Service Repair website and entering their device’s serial number. They will then be able to see a list of problems that their device is experiencing and instructions on how to fix them will be available.

The scheme is currently only available to customers in the US and is limited to devices that are not covered by Apple’s standard warranty.

Hope this quick guide on Apple’s Diagnostic Mode was helpful!

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