WhatsApp has introduced a feature that will let the sender delete a message after it has been sent. But the app lets the recipient know that “this message was deleted”.

The sender can delete the message they sent from both the groups as well as from individual chat and both platforms as well.

But the app lets the recipient know the message was deleted. This makes some recipients curious about what was the message that has been deleted immediately.

However, there is a neat trick through which the recipient can read all the deleted messages. All the messages, even if deleted can be stored in WhatsApp chat backup.

How to read the deleted WhatsApp Message?

If you are curious and want to read the deleted messages from anyone then you have to first backup your WhatsApp chat. This is because the deleted message will be stored in chat backups on the cloud.

After the backup, simply uninstall the app from your device and reboot your device.

Then reinstall the app again on your device and enter all your credentials in the app.

Next, you need to restore the chat backup as all deleted messages will also be stored in the backup.

Once the restoration finishes and you see all of your chats, you can also see all the deleted messages.

There are also third-party apps available on the Play Store that you can install to read all the deleted messages. However, the condition is that you need to install these apps before the message was deleted.

These are the apps that keep track of all your notifications and app data. Apps such as Notification Log and Notification History log are easily available to download.

But all these third-party apps have their own set of limitations and restrictions. Also, you need to give some permissions to them like location access, phone call access, and app data access

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